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Today, a friend from work threw a party. We each had to dress up as a deceased celebrity. I thought it'd be a perfect time to dress up as Marilyn Monroe. When I arrived to the party, my boss said, "But... Rosie O'Donnell isn't dead." FML
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man he's messed up.

If you had a blonde wig on than he is an idiot, Rosie has brown hair.

Maybe kill Rosie, then go back and say "happy?" that will shut him up

Why kill her? Do you know how many people would... Oh, wait. No one would care. Huh, fantastic idea, good sir.

Well her career is dead

what are you saying!?!?!? i would ca- actually no i really wouldnt. kill her.

Tell him "Well neither is Rob Reiner"

So that's where Wilson went when he left Tom Hanks...

Your boss went too far. That's just fuckin harsh. Sorry OP, you can wallow in a corner now :(

This fml reminds me of what happened this morning: Me: Who the heck is Rosie O'Donnell? Friend: Exactly.

It's not harsh if she's ugly, in fact if she's ugly that makes it fucking hilarious.

I'm surprised someone hasn't killed her yet :s

My ass doesnt look like John Wayne, so I wouldnt go as him! I'm more a white Urkel...

Wait... I thought she was already dead! Hm... hand me the gun, I'll take care of it.

Im thinking its because shes really really fat, like rosie o donell. YDI, OP. If your obese, dont dress as marilyn monroe.

take the hint?

haha hey buddy nice name x)

I just pictured Kelso yelling BURRRN!

Was your wig or hair brown?!?! Wait I'm thinking it Roseanne....

I always get them mixed up too.


No, they really don't.

Why would you post the comment if halfway through you realized you were thinking about the wrong person?

Yeah.. i didn't know what i was saying -.-

I know right, almost like sisters... 'cough cough'

What is OP? Hahaha

Original Poster

That bear in your pic definitely has a boner.

I don't think Marilyn Monroe is eathier

Do you live under a rock?

u dumb ass hahahaha ur truley stupid

Ironic comment, learn to spell before you call other people stupid ^ but yes, I'm afraid to inform you that she is dead.

-6 no, but his friend patrick does xD

obviously sarcasm *facepalm

jesus someone slap this kid

no, #6 he doesn't live under a rock, Patrick does!

#65 be careful, you might start a debate on child abuse VS parenting :D (love your picture by the way)

This is what Marilyn Monroe has done to the world...

49- you pwned time and space... :)

#5 trolled the shit out of you all

Marilyn was a size 14 she wasn't super skinny. Rosie is big but c'mon that was a jerk move of him. Also, did you get the right hair color?

Also, did you forget the beauty mark above your lip?

Marilyn wore a size 12 dress and a size 8 pants... In modern day sizes that would be a size 6 and a size 4.... She was NOT plus-sized....

So you knew her personally? What a joke!

he dident know her personally, he did as i and read a book about her where it was mentioned.. Marilyn WAS not very thin, but she was beautiful and this is proof that she was plus sized.

I think no matter what size Marilyn Monroe was,no one could call her fat or ugly

No, at times she actually was a plus size but her weight was constantly on a roller coaster from 16 to a size 2.

wild snorlax apeared

Oh!!! Win!

But you gotta catch 'em all...

You should've been like I know she's talking to me right now.

do u not know how to dress like marilyn...

Your not that ugly.

Woah my girlfriend's name is skylar! Haha and shes the same age...

nobody cares 37 -_-