By Nicole - 09/05/2016 20:12 - United States - Bozeman

Today, a friend came to visit me from across the U.S. We spent the majority of the time she was here standing in the rain, at the dog park 20 miles from my house, so she could "make sure her baby poops on time". Basically, I took time off to watch my friend's dog take 6 craps. FML
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6 craps? What does your friend feed it? Laxatives?

That's so rude of her.


itssnotfunny 24

What a shitty day.

6 craps? What does your friend feed it? Laxatives?

*insert comment about shitty time off*.. But for real Sucks op. That dog knows it has to pee on things to claim its territory?

That's so rude of her.

countryb_cth 38

I think if someone did that to me I would leave them there and go home. You took time off from work to see them and that's how they treat your time? That's pretty fricken rude.

so.... 6 different craps or 6 turds?

Sounds like a shitty situation. Sorry, I had too. I'll see myself out now.

No, you didn't have to.

I dunno who even let you in.

Is this the plot to a Paris and Nicole episode?

flyingflies 36

Nothing like quality time with your dear friend.

Like I said in a recent FML comment, dog people can be freaking weird. My dog is housebroken and all the proper stuff and will go to the bathroom on command (something important for a dog that goes tons of places to know so you can make sure they're empty before you go inside), but he shits when he shits. There is no "time". I mean, obviously I do pay attention to how often so I know if there's an issue with his health, but I don't give a rat's ass if he decides morning, night, or mid afternoon is the best time to crap. As long as it's in an appropriate place and not inside.