By humiliated - United Kingdom
Today, a friend asked me to come with her to the art building at school, so I could pose in the stance of a figure she was drawing for her exam. I obliged and sat for the pose. When the art teacher walked by she looked at me, then at the sketch, pointed to the legs and said, "make them fatter". FML
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  ashk8n  |  0

don't take it personally! they see everything that's what makes them good artists! she wasn't implying that your fat! she should have said a different word!

  Emrysa  |  1

An art exam is different than a regular exam. It's generally more of a group critique that evaluates the progress of the student over the period of the class. The exam piece is generally worked on for a significant amount of time over a week or so instead of completed in one class. The teacher and other students can give input and make suggestions for improvement. It's not the same as just giving someone the answer, because the final product is still a product of the artist's skill, and the aim is greater proficiency, not a single solution.

By  UpsidedownKayak  |  9

OP, don't draw too many conclusions about what the teacher said and don't let yourself become blue. The teacher was probably green with envy of your beauty, just brush it off. If you don't feel comfortable doing that again, don't let your friend paint you into a corner. If your friend poses that question again you can always picture the humiliation you felt and respectfully decline.

By  Emrysa  |  1

Yeah, this isn't a big deal, your friend has to learn to draw more proportionately.
Her proportions were too narrow, this does not mean you are fat.
If you can't deal with the teacher's honest critique, you probably shouldn't model in
the future.