By partypooper - United States
Today, a friend asked me if I could help him set up the stage for his wedding. Feeling honored that he considered me a close enough friend to aid him on his special day, I agreed to help. Turns out we aren't so close. I was asked to leave after I was done because I hadn't actually been invited. FML
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  SimpleSimon  |  0

Nope, quite often people invite far more people to the reception than the actual ceremony. They sometimes just have family at the ceremony, or sometimes it just isn't practical with seating arrangements, etc.
Also, I don't know about most people, but I don't tend to dress too formally for building staging...

By  kittyfairy  |  0

How can you not know that you hadn't been invited before being asked to leave? Surely the fact that you hadn't received an invitation would be a BIG clue!!! Or am I seriously missing something here? lol :)

  L0veh8te  |  0

Well he asked to help out, usually if you ask someone to help you with something like a party or what not. A Friend would invite the other friend at the end as saying thanks. He could have said Bro my Wife is a bitch and I would invite you but she has everything all set up such as the seating arrangements etc and would have a bitch fit If I said you were coming. Something like that would have been understanding.

By  rfarock88  |  0

Maybe I'm just spiteful and vengeful, but Idc how long I helped him set it up, I'd have to fuck the set up as bad as I could. He can get someone else to set it back up.