By jerrid - 21/02/2010 18:05 - United States

Today, a drunk man opened the unlocked door to my house thinking it was his house. He tried to attack me because he thought I was a burglar. FML
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spikey818 9

the door should have been locked in the first place

I would suggest you lock your doors from now on. Otherwise who knows what might happen to you in the middle of the night. You live were again? *holds up map*


haha owned. 1st

you shoulda stab him

Averizzle 0

Ydi for not locking your doors..

Melly14398 0

haha. was it Rip Torn by any chance???

IDKWhatHappened 0

OP, YDI for leaving the door unlocked.

jasonsaied 1

29 who the fuck locks the door during the day when they're in the house?

.. Everybody?

tweetbaby14 18

wow ydi for leaving your door unlocked... dumbass

uhnmnm you should always have your door locked??? I hope an old homeless man walks threw your door!

i always keep my doors locked. now i know why i do.

wow freeze every time I see ur pic I think it's a swastika lol


MrsUchiha 0

YDI for keeping the door unlocked. Can someone tell me how to comment without having to reply to someone elses comment. >_<

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and type your message in normally. As long as you haven't clicked a 'reply' button, it will post it at the bottom.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

Who Lets their door unlocked is this some kind new shit going around

canadians generally don't, but that's because we don't have to. we're not war mongering drunk assed ignorant criminals like the Americans.

pipp360 0

aparrently 29 does....what a fucking pussy

I think she meant on an iPod, Sirin

to bad you live In commie-fornia and couldn't defend yourself

loski87 4

lock your doors o_0

rap33r100 0

everyone locks it

@76 ur totally right. even in toronto i dont bother locking my doors while im in the house (during the days)

16 you're hot

fuck that. my door hasn't even been closed since summer started lol

TempestJones 0

Maybe it's just me, but Im thinking that not everyone lives in a city where breakins are common... Besides, the OP didn't say ThEY left the door unlocked... maybe their roomie left it unlocked and they didn't know it until the drunkard attacked? LoL... Guess they found out huh? lols... I've heard of this happening in hotels too.... Now that I don't get... Who leaves a hotel room unlocked!? That's just dumb... but anywho... not the point lol

I'm with #11 YDI.

Seriously 43????

I can't even get out of the house without a key. on top of that, everyone's carrying! would be a bad day for a stupid drunk man if he caught the door unlocked 

wow, where the fuck do you people live that you *always* keep your doors locked, even when you're there during the day? I live in a fucking shit hole trailer court and leave my doors unlocked when I'm home. maybe it's just because I'm not a fucking pussy.

tweetbaby14 18

why the hell does everyone say bad shit about America!?!? if it wasn't for us google and iPods wouldn't be around and let's not forget mcdonalds!!!!!

should sew the dude or atleast hit him really hard and get away with it due to self defence lol free punch

I live in alaska and have no idea what they are talking about. who leaves there door locked while they are home?

supastarr 0

you should of told him that u were a cop haha

subcultured 0

iPods and mcdonalds are two things the world could do without. we were the first country to go to the moon. that was pretty awesome.

galaxy87 0


iSwag 0

@116 or maybe it's because even if this were the holocaust and you were Jewish neither you, or your stuff is worth taking. i bet your house as been broken into and the guy that did it said to himself " this shit isn't worth anything" and walked back out. oh and no offense intended towards Jewish people...Jesus is awesome. so is Seth Rogan

The world would be better off without McDonalds...

@ 43 who the fuck gets drunk in the middle of the day???

u diserve it for robbing that guys imaginary house. theif!

this made me laugh

ryguy997 0

sounds like a case of identity crisis.

On an iPod there's this giant button that says "comment" at the top of your screen. Pretty hard to miss.

spikey818 9

the door should have been locked in the first place

there wasn't any breaking though...

why would anyone lock their door when they are just sitting around the house ? its not like the OP knew some drunk guy was gonna walk in.

Why would you NOT lock your door... ever? You must live in the middle of nowhere.

mainiac_zombie_m 0

I live in California and the door is always locked in SF you never know what happens. PS. if a grammar Nazi says anything negative about this post...

We never lock the door here. We've never had anyone break in, just some schizophrenic lady from a few miles down knocking on the door at three am. And our cars got robbed. Since then, we've started locking cars. Not the house. Upstairs we have 4 ar-15's an ak, a German sks, and a few others that are off the books ;). I welcome people to try to rob the place.

haha, gotta love drunk people :)

number 2 is hot

zebra_pillow 0

lol he probably pissed on you

i agree 36 she is VERY hot

haha, why thankyouu :)

haha 92 you're hot :D

i woulda beat his ass and made him my bitch :3

hippiechick96 3

I'm pretty sure this was a csi episode.

I would suggest you lock your doors from now on. Otherwise who knows what might happen to you in the middle of the night. You live were again? *holds up map*

boatkicker 4

They didn't say it was the middle of the night. If it was then they deserve it, but if it was the middle of the daytime, they don't. Most people that I know don't keep their doors locked in the daytime when they're home.

Okay rere I was saying that as a pointing to ME sneaking in their house in the middle of the night. Use your brain you have it for a reason.

iSwag 0

@ 17 that's how people get robbed and raped and murdered. am I the only "law and order" fan in here? even before the show I was always careful. Attention FMLers: ALWAYS lock the door. if somebody is looking for a house to rob and they're going to different houses to see which one is unlocked guess who's getting robbed? if you're being targeted and your Door is locked and they have to break a window at least you'll hear it and have a chance to react properly. not to mention if you get robbed and the guy gets caught, if your door was unlocked he can't be charged with 'breaking and entering' meaning he'll get less time. more than likely you'll be in that same house by the time he gets out and guess who'll know a little bit more about not getting caught after prison? oh and the neighborhood doesn't really matter...the nicer the neighborhood the smarter the criminal so once again ALWAYS lock the door sorry...had to say that. I need all my fellow FMLers safe and sound :-)

A winX2 at #35.

Agreed. Someone tried to rob my apartment when I was inside "doing nothing". Always lock the door.

why was your door unlocked? you deserved it... but I'm still sorry.

garuru 4

hey hey it looks a lot like my house any drunken idiot could have mistaken it but it just so happened to be this drunken idiot


ydi for not locking your door 

Ajjas013 6

You got it all wrong. The female is the hooker and the one that enters the 'unlocked' house. Then she beats the man and take his money. Unless you guys are both trannies :)

DogmaT_fml 4

if he dies u get sued and jailed.

DogmaT_fml 4

if he dies u get sued and jailed.

ydi. for keeping your door unlocked. The city is scary. unless you lived in a good neighbor hood, but still keep the doors locked!