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Today, a drunk dude walked up to me and said, "You're ugly as fuck." His sober friend quickly apologized and explained that he was wasted, before looking me up and down and adding "Well, not completely, I guess." FML
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  then000bster  |  16

I hate it how people can be so nice on fml. What if he is correct and OP is ugly? Yeah it's rude to point it out, but I think it's even worst to tell OP, "No, You aren't ugly." This isn't a support group, this a site where people post about how their life is F'ed up! Sure nice comments are nice every now and then, but there should be a line where we talk about OP as if we knew them.
I just wanted to say this at least once. *willingly accepts down votes*

  AmbienDreams  |  20

I get what you're saying but as far as I can tell there's two sides to the coin. Yes, he might be right and the OP is not attractive, we don't know because we can see her. But at the same time, since we don't know what she looks like its not really fair to assume that she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, based solely on the word of some inebriated jackass. Either way, what he said was completely rude and unnecessary and so he deserves to be smacked with a salmon! Now whose with me?

  ex_stripper_jk  |  20

Both ugly and beautiful are used to describe people- they're outter, inner and multi-faceted beings. I consider "ugly" to be a state of mind! The hottest kperson can have the ugliest personality.

  Iceman225  |  11

I agree with 12, but then again, there will always be some overly sensitive teenage girl who will scream " EVERYBODY'S BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY!" Like #2. Yep. In their "own" as in, they are the only ones that think so.

  Queensland  |  27

I love comments like these. Be honest here, you just said that for up votes. Tell me you've never had a negative thought about someone's appearance in your life. And if you say you haven't, we all know that's bull.

  raww77  |  12

what a damn liar u know that ur just saying that for up votes everuone says racist, sexist, mean things but they aleays want to look good in front of people even if its on the internet u just want people to fuel your fire

  monnanon  |  13

hell yeah i would. the problem is a guy cannot get away with hitting a girl for any reason at all due to the strange belief that all men are stronger than women.
in all seriousness i would not advocate violence in either situation but i would hope no guy or girl wouls stand there and be insulted.

  Poppipuff  |  14

-69 Because drunk people don't think about consequences anymore, they tend to say what they trully think. They can also say whatever comes to their mind even if it is not what they really think, because for example they just want to be mean to someone. It isn't a rule but it often happens.

By  AmbienDreams  |  20

Sounds like his "sober" friend was pretty wasted himself. At least I hope he was because otherwise it must be difficult being that much of an asshat in front of complete strangers and not even have alcohol to blame for it