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Maybe she wanted you to follow her to the back?

Guess you're not her type


Guess you're not her type

no deo?

ydi for thinking she wouldn't move

Maybe, you're being too sensitive and taking it too personal. Who knows, she might have changed her seat just because she found a more convenient one, the world doesn't spin around you, OP.

no 25, just no...

It could've been worse, OP. She could've called you ugly or something.

Be less ugly next time.

maybe she looked up in your direction and saw something behind you like........a......hmm....... fyl.

Did you have a booger?

stop sugar-coating it maybe OP just looked like a rapist

I just love all the assumptions u guys put here . lmfao

She might have thought you were someone she knew, realized you weren't and switched to sit by her friend. Typical situation. "I got on a bus today and sat down in a seat right next to a friend of mine. Then I looked up and realized I was sitting next to a complete stranger. FML." Who hasnt seen that?

She noticed u were a grenade, so she got the he'll out of there!!

you'll get used to it

for a second there I thought ur pic was a girl suckin her tit

Maybe you shouldn't have stared her down like you were planning to make a hat out of her left ass cheek...

140 - Exactly. The right is much better

Hahaha. I take the bus and there are never any cute girls. I always run into the crazies. Hmm. maybe I'm one of the crazies!?!

You look like one of the crazies! I'd move if you sat next to me. And I know how you feel, I always get the crazy ones that don't reveal that they are crazy till like a year into the relationship.

most likely, everyone that takes the bus is not completely sane.

yay for crazies!! also OP, maybe she noticed the sign that says 'Please move back.'

ZOMG was it Amber Lamps?

OK, I've written exactly what happened, just in case there are any readers wondering who the hell Amber Lamps is. "On February 15th 2010, a woman entered the 93 bus. She was about 20-35 years old she wore purple spandex stockings and she had brunette hair as brown as poop. Later on, A HUGE fight sparked between a 67 year old man with a beard of epic proportions and a 50 year old (or so he said) black man. This led to the black man, bleeding, asking for the amberlamps, because can't pronounce ambulance correctly. Amber Lamps, however, is the name of the 20-35 year old woman who watched the whole sequence of events unroll. Until September 30th 2010, Amber Lamps has been missing. She was found on the bus by the same 67 year old man who beat the s*^t out of the black man. As a result of this, Amber freaked out and moved to the back. The 67 year old man then posted this FML on the Internet."

lol @ charmander and samantha you are very cute :)

The lump in your pants is what scared her away!

alesana_love your funny and cute...btw good choice of music

Maybe she wanted you to follow her to the back?

lol :-) u win.

I don't know about that, she sounds like a rude cow if you ask me. FYL OP, but I don't really think it's worth being upset over. Unless of course, you smell, in which case YDI.

lol have u seen your pic YOU need to become more approachable u hideous little thing.

Can you say owned?

woned.... onewd.... dwone.... Nope guess I can't.