By kismet_fire - 04/11/2014 22:57 - United States - San Francisco

Today, a customer yelled at me because I gave her a wrinkled bag. I work in retail, and the bags are all cheap plastic. She wouldn't stop, even when I gave her 3 different bags. FML
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I hate everyone.

That woman didn't need a bag because she was one.


I hate everyone.

Thats odd me too, but I fail to see the relevance.

the ghost of Ebenezer ?

I feel you man.

JMichael 25

My mood on a daily basis.

#25 sounded really wrong ok

Huh? You just think in a very immature way #39.

hes 16 in age, 12 in maturity

I hate human beings. I'm a vampire.

When I say I hate people, I really mean I am finding it hard to understand the people around me because they make no sense and seem to worsen my current problems

That woman didn't need a bag because she was one.

Ouch, should I apply ice to that burn?

She's wrinkled too.

Glitterbaby2613 20

give or take a letter😏😏😏

sonasonic 34

Do you ever wish that there was that one day that you could say anything to the customer without repercussions?

Basically everyday of my life..

I feel that everyday. Not for customers, just in general.

Omg, this! Also, as someone who's been in retail for 7+ years, everyone should be required to work at least 8 months of retail before they can shop it.

"Ma'am, would you like me to iron the bag for you"

I believe you have created a new job: the bag ironer. It their job to tbrow irons and any customer that acts like an old bag.

throw* at* Fat fingers and small buttons don't mix.

erenjaeger 16

So many people would be applying for that job. But it does sound fun.

wouldn't he just give her a paper bag.

Not everyone has paper bags. My grocery stores definitely don't, nor clothes stores.

I wonder how ironing cheap plastic is going to work out...

It might chase crazy customers out with the stink.

Some people just won't be pleased, no matter what you do

You should have told her that the bag matches her wrinkles on her face!

NellieeNell 18

I agree! I work in retail as well & this statement is so true

*****hug***** <-- What anyone working at a store deserves. And a beer.

If you work a year in retail without attempting to kill anyone, you deserve a medal. (I know someone who once got a complaint that he was "too nice". Retail would probably be easier on your sanity to work somewhere that isn't retail but gets robbed at least twice a month.)

someone is always there to ruin your day :/

AnOriginalName 19

Tell her that breathing into it will take out all the wrinkles, and it's best that she do it so as to precisely control the amount of wrinkles taken out.

You deserve an award OP for dealing with that without hitting the woman!

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. Some people just like making other people's lives more difficult for no reason.