By goshoveafuckingfrappuccinoupyourvagyoupsychocunt - 07/09/2013 21:43 - United States - Midlothian

Today, a customer kept harassing me and threatening to sue me for all I'm worth because I wouldn't give her a free refill. Her reasoning was that it's "illegal" to deny people a free refill if there's still a little drink left in the cup. FML
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That sounds like a rule I'd love!

Ignore her and move on. There is no case there so let her sue, she'll be laughed out of the courtroom and hopefully fined for wasting time.


That sounds like a rule I'd love!

tell her to go shove a frappuchino up her vag. then call her a psycho cunt to top it off.

What the fuck 29

Joke on the username. Quite clever.

Clever, no. Funny? Evidently yes.

I'd put a laxitive in her drink. And close the bathrooms. And then steal her car keys. Then make her clean her own shit.

I mean you can't fix stupid but by the look of some of these FMLs, there's a widespread outbreak of stupidity that seems to be happening.

I like the way you think 77. Then OP could tell her illegal dumping is prohibited.

Give her the wrong drink


I was thinking more like acid. unfortunately it's more expensive, and oh yes, illegal in some states..

Yeah, OP should've pissed in her drink and said "here's your refill, bitch."

Because losing your job and getting a possible lawsuit for harassment is totally worth it...

Ignore her and move on. There is no case there so let her sue, she'll be laughed out of the courtroom and hopefully fined for wasting time.

I agree. Unless you are advertising free refills, she has no case. Anyway, she's just throwing "sue" around to scare you, so I doubt she will do anything. Just deny her and move on. I used to be in customer service and I do not have good memories.

I love your user name! But yes, what a stupid bitch.

It's so tiny, I can't read the print on my phone. ):


oh.... thats what it said. for me, it stops at ps, so i was wondering was a vagyoups was

To bad the OP is male. Otherwise this FML could be titled "two girls one cup"

"Well I'm not worth very much, so I think you'd be a bit disappointed"

Of course. That's why I always make sure not to run out of gas. As long as there's some gas still in the tank, it's illegal for the gas station not to refuel me for free.

What? And they made me pay for gas when I still had some left. Time to get a lawyer.

Human stupidity is the only thing you can count on.

"Customers' are always right." My ass, customers are assholes most of the time. Charge her a dollar.

Charge at least $6

"Let me get a water cup." Its 27 cents where I work. People freak out. "You charge for water?!" No, we charge for the cup, and should probably charge for the soda we see you trying to sneak and get.

You can't fix stupid!

Can't fix stupid.

Run op! There's a glitch in the Matrix.

So there is. I think I've swallowed the wrong pill!