By really / Sunday 5 June 2016 21:40 / Canada - Ottawa
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  ANNBABY77  |  4

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  maikeru1979  |  18

I get hiccups 2-3 times a day, but they are not Normal hiccups they are actually Epileptic Seizures that are in the area of the brain that controls the diaphragm causing the hiccups

SO FUK U & YOUR "Stupidity seems to be her severe medical condition"

By  BoneCollector  |  16

Sounds to me that she's the one with mental problems... What you suggested her to try is a pretty common tip/trick. I hope your boss sided with you and realized you weren't physically covering her mouth and nose to make sure her hiccups went away... I could see her telling your boss that you were trying to kill her then

  zeffra13  |  31

She told the boss "he wanted me to kill myself", not "he tried to kill me" so if the boss asked for any further explanation I'm sure he'd figure it out.

  sylvienoir  |  18

do what, be dickheads or hold their breath when they have hiccups?
1) she's crazy like tons of other crazies
2) it keeps your diaphragm from contracting if you fill your lungs with air to capacity and eventually they will stop contracting randomly

  maikeru1979  |  18

Unless the person with the Hiccups is having a Seizure. It has been proven by several Neurologists that Epileptics(as I am) have them more than normal persons. They are still hiccups but not "normal" because they are caused by malfunctions of electrical signals in the brain. I have sat with my Neurologist during an EEG(electroencephalogram) having a hiccup fit and the EEG machine was going crazy showing that my hiccups are more often than not Seizures(a Severe Medical Condition)

By  Tripartita  |  44

Now is your chance to lock eyes with your coworker, lower your brows, and proclaim, "Ridding oneself of physical ailments always comes at a price! If that price is life, it shall be gladly paid, for we should work tirelessly towards eradicating the scourge that is… the hiccups."

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