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Today, a crying kid was brought to my attention by a customer. He was so upset from losing his mom that he couldn't say his name or his moms name. I took him around the store asking him to point out his mom. Once we found her she told me "I was hiding from my kid to test his independence." FML
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Now that's a good mom! *Obvious sarcasm* But seriously, poor kid! :[

I hope you told her what a shit parent she is


Now that's a good mom! *Obvious sarcasm* But seriously, poor kid! :[

actually 1 I think this is was a good excersise for the kid (unless he was like 5) kids need to learn to not need there parents all the time or they'll end up like my sister who needs my parents for everything because she was never away from them. but that's just me :/

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Well he might have been 5, seeing that he was so traumatic about the event that he couldn't even speak. D: poor little man...

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Or he could just be clingy and psychotic. My friend's brother and his wife have a two-year-old who throws a horrendous screaming, crying fit whenever his mother PUTS HIM DOWN after holding him. If she leaves the room he's in, he absolutely loses it and will cry and then fuss for HOURS. With kids like that, you really just have to cut the cord and teach them that they have to get the fuck over it, or else you're setting them up for a life of emotional codependence.

how is this a fml?

Lol what a great excuse. "Oh, he died? What a fucking pussy. I through him out in the arctic tundra, and that little dumbass couldn't even make it home alive? I've raised a failure!

that's not an FML for you OP it's an FML for the kid

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social service that bitch

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What the OP did, IS a fucked up thing to do...something could've happened to the kid and the mother would have been to blame.

wow f the kids life that's horrible parenting.

its a good thing to teach kids. i got seperated from my parents when i was like 4 or 5 and i knew what to do. i was crying but i went to the walmart service center and aSked tghem to find my mom for me. It builds charchter

27: Sounds to me like your friend's nephew has gone beyond the "setting up" stage. = It's natural for kids to go through a clingy phase, but that's... disturbing. I bet the mom has some dependence issues herself. And this concludes this week's Amateur Internet Shrink Hour with your host, TIJD.

#27, STFU. Reactions like that are perfectly normal in infants. My nephew used to cry whenever his mother left the room, now he's a perfectly happy, bright little three year old. OP, that momma seriously needs checking. Child services ought to teach her something.

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It's called the "terrible twos" ever heard of it?

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yepp...she's definitely Chicano! lol losing your kid to test his independence...I bet she took him to McDonalds afterwards and bought him a happy meal! lol

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Yes, great way to teach a kid independence. Maybe she should also shove him out of her car on the freeway and drive off and see if he can walk the 20 miles home.

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Yes, this is a great way to test independence. Nevermind potential kidnappers or pedophiles. F the kids life and that mom seriously needs help.

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67 the OP was not the mother

:O terrible mom

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Yes black hair/red highlights, if that isn't a sign of a deeply disturbing, fucked up childhood, I just don't know what is. dumbass.


wow WTF you guys leave him Alone don't be jelious of his pimp ass hair

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73, actually it is, I know lots of kids who have crappy lives and they all have dyed hair 0_o

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its a guy?

his hair has blue and brown,I think. the red just might be the light hitting it. Anyway, I have an awesome life, and great parents and I die my hair Randim colors!!! people die ther hair for all differet reasons, not just because they have shitty lives/parents!

85 you're Jersey, so your life automatically sucks. By the way, "send me a message unless you're ugly, or a perv" is ironic to see in an ugly persons profile.

haha yess it Is ironic. and I love Jersey. why does everyone hate it so much.

You're from Jersey**

why do people think jersey sucks??

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I <3 Jersey shore ( the show Tat is I never rili been there )

those people aren't even from Jersey. they r all fake/actors

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revolutionized is with an 's'. U got to be smart to start a revolt.

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73, 76, 85 win 1. Troll got bitchslapped 2. Someone noticed 3. The light makes it look dyed

very tru anybody looking emo definitely had to have a shitty childhood. at least their future will also be bright and red

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2 you look like a girl. btw are you from Singapore and moved to the Netherlands??

You know what's really ironic? Someone who isn't secure enough to post an actual picture of themselves as there avatar feels they can pass judgement on someone who does. Pick apart her spelling some more, that'll make you feel better.

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his hair is awesome, and all who disagree are just upset their hair isn't as amazing as his. fuck you pussies <3

I'll hope that's sarcasm

Clearly sarcasm, people.

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Poor Kiddo): You Know She's Lying

I like yur Domo! <3

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domo is cute D:

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I have a Domo Book Bag. No friggin joke.

I have a Domo plushie. And You Should Stop Typing Like This.

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I Should? I cAn TyPe HoWeVeR i WaNt

Yes, you can, but it looks ridiculous, and is, as far as I can see, utterly pointless.

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Your, Excessive Use Of, Commas, Looks Rediculous, And Is, Utterly, Weird To, Read

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Too bad you didnt stop to notice every one of those commas was appropriate, Skullcandi

I hope you told her what a shit parent she is

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I hope OP called CYS or the equivalent child protection agency in the area

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What an awesome mum

Wow. Great mom the kid has. FHL.

ur nice , that women iz such a bitch

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She's lying! She was trying to ditch him because he cries too much!

Totally something my mom would do. Poor kid, he shoulda been wearing his leash though...

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I hate when I see a kid on a leash, like it's a dog or something

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id much rather see a child safe on a leash then out in the middle of a road.... not all children have been taught by their parents safety and parents resort to the leash....i find it easier to teach them though