By Benjamin - United States
Today, a coworker thought it would be funny to put a tack on my chair. When I sat down, it went directly into my butt. When I sprang up, I hit my head on a lamp. I then hit my head on my desk on the way down. FML
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  ChrisTheCalm  |  9

101- you got the wrong guy. Look at the tard with the brace on his neck. You know, I think that's really him. When you have tourettes you talk all kinda shit, maybe he had that comin'.

  AceArctic  |  4

"I am unique, like a snowflake."

Ok snowflake, you be unique. That is until you fall to the ground and become part of a great white conformist mass.

  xerxesreign  |  0

121- but as you can see, as with most replies, you put the number of whom you are talking to/about at the start of your comment. 74's comment started with "8- ..." so I assumed that he/she was talking to 8.

  desireev  |  17

60- You are such a jackass! I'll bet it feels good to pick on someone who can't defend themselves! Don't it? You insensitive asshole!
Get a life! If you're going to pick on someone, at least pick on someone who knows what to say back to you! English is his 2nd language. And he is desperately trying to learn it! So shut the fuck up and GTFO!!
Your username is wittygirl. There is NOTHING witty about you AT ALL!! You really should take an English class yourself. "You're"... Not "your"!! Dumbass!

  TheDog6  |  24

What you do now is give them food that is made with ghost peppers. Then when they scream for water, give them a bottle of vinegar. When they try to throw up, make sure you give them a trash can that you cut the bottom out of.

Might be taking it to far but come on, this would be funny.

  wittygirl  |  8

Considering their coworker put a tack on their ass and caused them pain a flame thrower being involved is the worst of the ideas I came up with. I thought contacting human resources and then sue the company, then the money you'd get from that could be used to purchase a flamethrower.