By missPiggy - 26/10/2015 08:27 - Norway

Today, a colleague found out that I struggled with anorexia when young. After ranting about how it's a silly 'Women's disease', he renamed me 'Miss Piggy' and made oinking noises every time I ate something. FML
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Why don't you contact HR so they can explain to him what he is doing is wrong.

How rude, some people don't seem to understand that Anorexia is a serious disease. Don't listen to him, he's a jackass obviously.


Sounds like a classy guy.

MasterTron 24

Sounds like a real dumbass to me.

whatunicorn 17

^ More like an ignorant little fuck. Sorry you had to deal with that OP, don't let him be the cause you relapse. Report his ass.

^ really? We had no idea

Burton_Forever 23

I would be knocking on hr's door

^agreed! Not sure about what they would do in Norway, but that wouldn't be tolerated in the US.

Isn't his behaviour common in bullies?! Talk about insensitive!

Yea this seems like a good way to cause someone to become anorexic

This is the reason why some people develop anorexia in the first place.

Why don't you contact HR so they can explain to him what he is doing is wrong.

Yup. HR that mofo.

Yeah this guy definitely should have to sit through some sensitivity training

Publikwerks 14

Get a pill bottle, put some pez in it, photoshop a viagra label on it with his name, drop it in the parking lot. Rinse and repeat ever couple of months.

I agree. Contact HR ... it's called "Hostile Work Environment" and it's illegal and actionable in civil court. (EVERYONE should be sure to keep a personal daily journal of work activities. You have no idea how useful it is in doing one's job or, when it gets bad, in court!!)

This was my thought, didn't say anything because I am unfamiliar with Norway employment laws.

#98, it's as illegal in norway as it is in the states. Probably more so tbh. It's also illegal in Germany and Switzerland afaik.

Someone's foot should contact his ass.

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Or photoshop his name on herpes medication and drop it in the parking lot

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How rude, some people don't seem to understand that Anorexia is a serious disease. Don't listen to him, he's a jackass obviously.

It's not a disease dumbass. It's a mental illness.

mental illness is still a disease? fucks sake

It's the mental disorder with the highest mortality rate.

You don't belong in this commeent section...

It's just definitely not a disease, it's a mental illness, go back to health class.

Who cares if it's a disease or an illness? That is so not the point. OP'S coworker is a major fucking asshole who needs sensitivity training asap. Maybe even a verbal warning/write up.

It's definitely not a disease... a disease insinuates that it is contagious; a physical illness, when in reality it's a mental illness, but no less a serious one. I'm not saying anorexia is not bad, it can be extremely severe, however it is not a disease.

No, disease does not insinuate that it is contagious. Nowhere in the definition of disease does it even say the word contagious (one minute Google search). It does, however, show that "illness" is a synonym of the word disease. Diseases have to do with functions and is not just a result of a physical injury.

So, cancer isn't a disease because it's not contagious??? Y'know, just a little bit of thought should precede one's pontifications ... lest one be thought to be mindless.

Is heart disease contagious?

#75, diabetes is a disease and it isn't contagious. Not all diseases are contagious.

Too many people in this reply thread don't realise illness is one of the synonyms of disease. Get a thesaurus. it's actually interesting. I would have classified disease as such things as bacterial or viral based, or else physically based. As it turns out...technically I'm wrong. it can be classified as a disease, it can be classified as mental illness/disorder. while im glad I've learned something today, I don't think that whether it's a disease or mental illness affects the horrible bosses actions.

Who the fuck cares? You know what they meant! Stop nit picking each other!

Comment section fight! Yaaaaaaay! XD

Wow, what a dick. Next time ask him if he's compensating for something and then look down and nod.

Haha - that would be funny, but he could then report OP for sexual harassment. Best just to go to HR. Inexcusable. Where are your colleagues in this? Are they not standing up for you? Take care OP!

Please, OP, don't listen to that Neanderthal of a human being.

That is an insult to Neanderthals.

Wait if he's a neanderthal he wouldn't be a human being... also, that man is an insult to living existence. his star dust would've been put to better use as a snail or a tree.

That's ridiculous, don't put up with him and just report it. I'm sorry you have to go through with that OP.

I'm not into violence, but this prick needs a smack upside the head. Fyl op.

Yeah.. That needs to be taken to management!! No one should have to hear things like that!

Report that dick to HR. You don't need to put up with that kind of shit.