By Anonymous / Thursday 7 July 2011 22:52 / United Kingdom
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  Slim2306  |  10

you should have slapped him and pushed him off the train at the next stop. If it was crowded enough he wouldn't be able to get back on. I don't see why other people on the train didn't help you or speak up.

  yummycupkake  |  0

bitch be trippin'. lmao literally :]

  selbow  |  3

they didn't speak up cos it didn't happen, no business man would tackle anyone let alone a woman to the ground just for a seat. and if other people recognized that she was pregnant he certainly would have too. this FML is bullshit

  PetiteLady  |  4

That is so horrible and sad to me. And uncalled for! Getting around at month 7 is hard enough; to be fat at the same time must be unbearable. But I am sure you are not a bitch though.

  ballwiz24  |  0

Something tells me there's more to the story than this. Nobody would do that unless they were very drunk or drugged. I don't think OP is telling the whole truth.


this is what you do:
run away, to the end of the cart. then swiftly turn around, running even faster twards him.when you're close to him, jump in the air and belly-bump him. he'll start sobbing uncontrollably, and you'll go into labor and get a premature baby. but the babys going to fly out, and a hobo is going to catch the baby girl and name it Billy and raise it in his hobo-ly ways.

  kai_ngo  |  0

In America, we would've created a huge scene, and wasted tax dollars to put the douche on trial, rather than outright throwing him in jail like the good old days.


And then a mob would surround her house harassing her for her "frivolous lawsuit", because any time "lawsuit" is uttered ten people will yell at you for "ruining the economy", and being "selfish".

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