By Anonymous - 07/07/2011 22:52 - United Kingdom

Today, a business man in his forties tackled me to the ground in an attempt to take my seat on a crowded train. When that didn't work, he called me a fat bitch and gave me the finger. The seat was given up for me because I'm seven months pregnant. FML
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rawrkittehpwnage 0

that guy.. is a douche.

maybe he's on his period?


rawrkittehpwnage 0

that guy.. is a douche.

Agreed. Bitch slap his ass. He can't touch a pregnant woman!

I hope the bystanders intervened and tackled his ass off the train.

Tackling a pregnant woman? Sounds like a lawsuit.


extrovertical 0

so apparently fat chicks that look pregnant are given seats, but actual pregnant women who look fat get tackled. lovely world we live in.

you should have slapped him and pushed him off the train at the next stop. If it was crowded enough he wouldn't be able to get back on. I don't see why other people on the train didn't help you or speak up.

kewlkate 9

I would have made sure something was done about that man.

yummycupkake 0

bitch be trippin'. lmao literally :]

DivakiddOsz 5

is the baby ok :

23- Tackle anybody for no reason=lawsuit.

Ahkoifish 0

Wow, that's just wrong. I can't believe that be wanted that seat so bad that he was willing to tackle ANYONE.

they didn't speak up cos it didn't happen, no business man would tackle anyone let alone a woman to the ground just for a seat. and if other people recognized that she was pregnant he certainly would have too. this FML is bullshit

ya kick him there and run, don't look back ;)

31, Why not push the guy off when the train was moving? Serves the asswipe right.

your baby... must... AVENGE YOU

then you bitch slapped him... REPEATEDLY, right?

imthatguythatdid 0

disaster movie his ass like the sex and the city chick

purplefatmidget 0

26 You're a dumbass.

I agree! I think that he gets super douche of the year award! And in second place was the husband cracking baby jokes, at the funeral held for the baby. People these days!

lilmisslovely13 15

how can anybody have put "you totally deserve rhis" on this? let alone 212 people!!!

So much for chivalry, eh?

kick him in the balls 3 times: 1 for yourself, 1 for the baby, and another for good measure ;)

that guy deserves a third rail field trip...

Agreed.. I'd sue him!

ragnorac 4

your not funny

190- it's thumb trolls don't ask for their reasoning

CherryBomb511 3

Love your picture #96.

That is so horrible and sad to me. And uncalled for! Getting around at month 7 is hard enough; to be fat at the same time must be unbearable. But I am sure you are not a bitch though.

@231: WTF? It sounds like you just backhanded the OP by insulting her. Or forgive me if I am reading you wrong. P.S. knockout pic!

231- you missed the whole point if the fml. he tackled her because he thought she was just fat. I doubt he would have done it if he realised she was pregnant

ballwiz24 0

Something tells me there's more to the story than this. Nobody would do that unless they were very drunk or drugged. I don't think OP is telling the whole truth.

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lookmebaby 2


this is what you do: run away, to the end of the cart. then swiftly turn around, running even faster twards him.when you're close to him, jump in the air and belly-bump him. he'll start sobbing uncontrollably, and you'll go into labor and get a premature baby. but the babys going to fly out, and a hobo is going to catch the baby girl and name it Billy and raise it in his hobo-ly ways.

Sounds like a successful business transaction.

whybother8 0

I'd kick him in the nuts.

clubbing baby seals is another one of that man's hobbies.

maybe he's on his period?

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ShokuMasterLord 0

I don't think you understand humor.

it's a meriod, duh....

Mahomie123 0

130- I actually thought it was pretty funny.

In america he would've gone to jail for that lol

In America, we would've created a huge scene, and wasted tax dollars to put the douche on trial, rather than outright throwing him in jail like the good old days.

or cutting his ass off so he can never sit down again what a dick fuck!

kai_whatever. do you even pay taxes?

kandii_kidd 0

in America we let child murderers go free

supermankisses 1

^ win

Kai_ngo is Mexican/Asian/Not American, so don't listen to him

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And then a mob would surround her house harassing her for her "frivolous lawsuit", because any time "lawsuit" is uttered ten people will yell at you for "ruining the economy", and being "selfish".

133- You're ignorant. No one should listen to you.

GuessWhatKids 13

5, in America people don't go to jail for murdering their children.

133 is there even a 129???

DrugsAreBadMmkay 0

You should of made a huge scene and make that guy feel bad.

avatar0810 15

businessman and crowded train are the keywords that keep that scene from taking place.

yea, just make him feel bad, he only tackled a lady with an almost fully developed fetus in her.

DrugsAreBadMmkay 0

True, true. Just add a kick him in the nuts in there.

People these days...

wat11115 0

fuck the british

F**k the dumbass redneck who said f**k the british!

180 Britain is so much better than america. Clues in the name: Great Britain

alex6946 10

omg! he could have hurt your baby! you should have slapped him!

bryyxoo 0

Slapped him? Fuck that, I would've crushed his fucking nuts so he couldn't have any babies

bryyxoo 0

Slapped him? Fuck that, I would've crushed his fucking nuts so he couldn't have any babies

bryyxoo 0

Slapped him? Fuck that, I would've crushed his fucking nuts so he couldn't have any babies

bryyxoo 0

Slapped him? Fuck that, I would've crushed his fucking nuts so he couldn't have any babies

bryyxoo 0

Slapped him? Fuck that, I would've crushed his fucking nuts so he couldn't have any babies

why are all the replys the same?

hiflier1012 3

I like how as you scroll down the comments, the amount of likes get smaller :) well except the last one :p

should have used a condom.

what jackass would do that?! someone should've punched him in the gave for being such a bastard...(congratz on the baby tho:)