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Today, a bunch of my friends have been accepted to various colleges while I've been denied to the past 5. To cheer me up, my mom drove me to McDonald's. While we were in the drive-thru, she asked them if they had any job openings. FML
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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hey, don't worry. Maybe you'll get burned by the oil from the chips and then have a life-changing enlightenment, which will push you to get into Harvard and become a billionaire. Then again... Maybe not.


Well? Did they?

FMLshark 12

Nothing more satisfying than grilling pre-cooked patties for your college-bound friends, am I right, OP?

You should have studied harder.

Maybe she wanted you to get a job so you could help her pay off your future tuition fees

25- Are you kidding? Did you even read the FML? New members to this site seem to be getting increasingly dumber...

38 - get a life and leave the poor girl alone. If you don't like it ignore it.

jillianmathers12 13

This is FML if we don't like it we either comment about it or thumbs down them.

Wasn't trying to attack her, but you have to admit not much thought went into her statement. Sorry, I'm the kind of person who pounces on people who say stuff like this....I've tried ignoring it that's tough for me...

42 - Next time you decide to attack someone, tell them what they did wrong. That way, you'll be giving some advice instead of just making an ass of yourself.

Like yourself?

littlegold 7

Well this one makes me feel good, cuz i got accepted to college early :) im only 16!

#38 - Are you a new member?

MatheusRajuidas 5

#63, bet you feel special. xD

If you checked my profile, Cad6, you'd see otherwise. I have over 220 comments on this site. Been a member for around 4 months. Please don't take it as bragging, because it's the furthest thing from it. And do you have it out for me? On the past 2 FMLs you seem to have made it your job to try and diss me...

#73, I love you too.

Cool man just make her feel like shit cuz she's a new member, nice going

I feel that you can't call yourself an old member until you have 1000+ comments.

Estapc 3

T So by The_HitDudes philosophy you have to have over 220 comments and or been a member for around four months to be considered a "regular" and not a new guy. Interesting since four month almost every forum out there would consider a four month old member, still very much a new member. I do praise you on post 224 comments well done. You averaged a little under 2 post a day.. Well done. I've been a member for almost a year and have posted maybe 3 times guess I'm still a new member right? B

I guess I deserve all of the backlash for what I said. And I never said 220+ comments makes me a seasoned vet. Far from it. But honestly, she was getting thumbed down anyway, which shows others thought her comment wasn't very well thought out either. And look _Oblivion_ , I respect you as am FMLer, but I've already apologized for the statement. Right now I'm probably one of the most disliked people on FML, but I've already tried taking back my comment. If forgiveness isn't in your (generalized) nature, then there is nothing else I can do.

blackheart24 10

You're lame for asking for forgiveness on a fucking blog site. Like the ppl on here give a shit? You made a douche bag comment, and now you are getting bashed for it. We understand that you're sowwy, but we honestly don't actually give a shit. You take this way too seriously bro. Lay off being a total dumbass, you and you won't get completely destroyed.

^ Watch out, we've got a badasd over here! But in all seriousness, coming on here after everything is done is like shooting a dead animal. It happened. I'm sorry. It's done. If anyone's being a douche right now, it's you. Crawl back into your hole prick.

Why the fuck is the more drama on the comments section than the OP itself? Chill out it's just FML

blackheart24 10

Hey man I'm not the one who made the idiotic comment. And if you say it's over why do you continue to comment? You want it to be over so ppl don't have to acknowledge the pure idiocy of your comments, but you brought it on yourself. Don't try to act like I'm the one who is the moron, when clearly you can't control each and every little thing that passes through the space where your brain should be. I believe you are the one who needs to go back to their "hole", whatever that means. But I do applaud you in your attempt to throw the spotlight on someone else, although it seems to have failed.

I'm not throwing spotlight on anyone, and I already admitted I made a stupid comment. Again, shooting a dead animal. I continue to comment because you decided to jump in even though the arguments were through. It's done. Get over it. And the only one redirecting spotlight is you. I never avoided anything, quite the opposite.

blackheart24 10

How do you feel it was over? Just because you said sorry? I didn't know there was a limit to each individual argument on this site... I guess I must be too new of a member. My apologies.

No, I feel it was over because no one said anything for almost 45 minutes. This has gone from an argument to you just trolling me. Guess what? I no longer give a shit. I'm done trying to explain myself to you, this is ridiculous. As someone else on here said, it's FML. I'll give you one thing though. You've taught me not to take anything or anyone on this site too seriously anymore.

Hey lets all be nice and be friendly ol' chaps okay? Problem Solved.

Thanks, Cad6. Someone needed to lighten up the mood.

kickuwithmyfist 1

Cad6-you have a nice smile! Being nice is fun!yay!

What the fuck did I just read? I hate all of you just a little bit for making me (yes, MAKING ME) read that horse manure you call an argument. No one is impressed by trolling or post counts or whatever you people are bitch slapping each other over. Everyone knows it's all about penis size. Now all of you, over here. Whip them out. Let's settle this.

Stop it! Stop it! Can't you see you're tearing us apart! *sniffle*

Stop it! Stop it! Can't you see you're tearing us apart! *sniffle*

What a train wreck this thread was, coming from a new member haha. I couldn't take my eyes off this, too funny. Doc, I think they're all going to draw the short straw on this one!

Ydi for being stupid enough to not even make it in the american education system.

Aww come on guys, dont hate. I used to wonder what friendship could be untill you all shared it's magic with me! Brohoof anyone/)? . . . . I'm sorry but ever since OP mentioned McDonalds I've been waiting for someone to mention 'My Little Pony'

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

A job is a job in any economy!

Should have studied harder to get better grades

High school is important especially the 11th and 12th grade take note guys

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

I'm sure the OP would be Accepted to the South Harmon Institute of Technology.

betseyville 6

Actually 12th grade doesn't really count at all. Since your final grades aren't in yet, colleges can only look at your 9th-11th academic records.

b0ngs 7

^ in my school 9 & 10 are just prep for University and college programs in grade 11 & 12. Therefore colleges and unis only look at grade 11 and grade 12 progress reports.

Hey, don't worry. Maybe you'll get burned by the oil from the chips and then have a life-changing enlightenment, which will push you to get into Harvard and become a billionaire. Then again... Maybe not.

TheCaterpiller 6

Probably not

It's not like the OP doesn't want to go to college, it's more like they have been denied against their will and wants. So even if what you said happened, the OP might still be rejected.

Torva_fml 16

Oh.... Chips... You're from France. Was really confused for a minute!

Or maybe he'll get burned by oil and then be able to sue the shit out of McDonalds. 'Merica, fuck yeah!

spekledworf 18

There's no shame in good ol community college

TheCaterpiller 6

I feel so sorry for u

I don't know how but this comment really bugs me…

TheCaterpiller 6

I am a caterpillar, I bug everyone

Until you turn into a beautiful butterfly...

Butterflies are just as annoying...flutter about like they own the place..fucking butterflies....

thatKidzmOm 10

And they have very short lifespans...

Thats cause they all get hit by my car.

TheCaterpiller 6

Being a caterpillar is soooo cool, all I do all day is eat. But how can an FML turn into a conversation about butterflies????

SadDashie92 3

Butterflies are scary, haven't you guys seen Spongebob???

TheCaterpiller 6

What happens?

The butterfly close up... *shudders*

I'm a freaking grizzly bear--try getting access to the internetz without the AC coming for me. Damn people. Be strong Catty, be strong.

I don't want to be mean but there's gotta be a reason why nobody is accepting you.

kickassblackbelt 0

Wowww that's not mean at all. Op doesn't need that right now. I had a friend attempt suicide because of college rejection letters. If you can't be supportive don't say anything at all...

Sorry about your friend, but your comment really hurts my brain. 3/4 of my life at this point is completely devoted to getting into a decent college. Maybe the OP didn't do enough in high school, *shrug*. I guess at this point the OP could look into a community college and work their way up to a semi-decent university.

xStaciexLynnx 15

44- It may be mean but it's true. College admissions people don't go 'Wow, this is a great student. Perfect grades, extracurriculars, astounding admissions essay... Eh, let's reject em.'

44- well, obviously your friend was a phsyco. That has nothing to do with the original comment! Also, I bet you made her feel awful for no reason case she did nothing wrong! I hate people like you...

I'm surprised nobody has made some joke about how it's just another thing the friend failed at. Good work FML, you're developing some sense of decency.

badass243 6

ronald mcdonald, clown college??? just fuckin with ya, thatd be the worst job ever!

makowiec 11

Hey, not everyone is suited for college, a lot of successful people never went to college and made their own way to the top :p

OP could sleep their way to the top.

jojimugo 20

Always wondered what OP stands for?

OP = Orange peel

27 - Original Poster. In other words, the person who wrote the FML.

@34 stop lying to the fellow commenters! op stands for ovulating platypus. 

OP= Official Penis

Obvious Poopstain

OP = Optimus Prime

pinkcrayola 0

Just because someone goes to college and later becomes successful, doesn't mean they didn't make it their own way to the top. After all, they had to work hard to get the grades to get into college.

Go to a community college.

Or to the always open "UpYourz University! We accept 99% of applicants, and offer the finest courses in Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Date Rape, and Getting by with an Abnormally Small Penis! Apply now!

Well, you were probably aiming too high least there's community college and you can transfer to a good college if you work hard

skyeyez9 24

Maybe he did apply and was rejected? OP never said which colleges. I assume op never took school seriously, bad grades and didn't try hard enough.

TheDrifter 23

If he was that much of a slacker that he couldn't get into community college (I got in with my GED from the juvenile detemtion centre) it would seem unlikely he would go through the effort of applying at 5 community colleges. More likely he's just a little dim and nobody has been cruel enough to tell him.

99.9 percent of my high school got in so...

You've gotta start somewhere. I'm sure you'll find a way to do what you want to do in life if you're determined enough. Do something amazing and make those colleges regret not accepting you.