By kekumbas - 05/05/2009 06:11 - United States

Today, 5 hours into my shift in a cafe I realized there were two stickers on my back that read: "Don't touch my no-no square" and "I wear diapers." I make food with my back to customers all day and I walk through the seating area delivering food. No one said anything. FML
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I'm sorry to hear that your genitals are shaped like a square.

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Lmao! I eat dicks!


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Lmao! I eat dicks!


I'm sorry to hear that your genitals are shaped like a square.

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#1 - grab a "post it" and a marker and make one. quite difficult.

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I assumed bumper sticker, but thanks for pointing out that you're this FML's first asshole #3!

... and they shouldn't have said anything. They were getting dinner and a show.

#3 Yes, because everyone did that to themselves on purpose before going to work.

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So... Do you wear diapers?

lmfao this is one of the best FYL

well as long as the diapers wernt affecting their food

haha i have never in my life heard it called a no-no square. i have heard zone though. once when i was 14 my friends and i bought a talking teddy bear and recorded our voices saying, 'i'm going to touch you in your no-no zone' and then we gave it to another friend who was at work at rite aide. because we hung out at rite aide. wait, thats sad, fml.