By lax22 - 13/04/2014 20:33 - United States - San Francisco

Today, 30 minutes after finishing a great date with a great girl, she texted me and said, "Yeah, uh, never come near me again." FML
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Sorry OP, but it doesn't sound like she's worth it. You will be better off without her. I hope you meet the right girl soon!

What the hell went wrong? Dating can be so confusing.


Sorry OP, but it doesn't sound like she's worth it. You will be better off without her. I hope you meet the right girl soon!

She doesn't sound that great to me. But it's all good OP, you just dodged a bullet.

daisylokes 16

thats not very nice... give her number out to party line as a payback, ahaha xD but really man, dont let that dumb twat upset you, im sure your a great guy :-) I hope you feel better, and just try to remember that other people's actions are never really a reflection of you, but rather a manifestation of whatever is going on inside them'

PresidentNorth 16

Oh man the love, I can just feel it building inside me. Thank you sister moon.

There's a wonderful lady friend out there just waiting for you to find her, OP. Just keep throwing that line back in the water and eventually you'll catch a champion, prized fish. But dear holiness do not catch the crabs.

#25, how do you know she's a dumb twat? Maybe op's idea of a great date is spending the whole evening leering at her tits while he picks his nose and eats it.

What the hell went wrong? Dating can be so confusing.

True that. Last month, I was supposed to meet this girl at a cafe for a date (we met online). I got there first. She came in, saw me and left. Later, I got a text from her saying that she doesn't date guys who wear glasses. Also, her stache was thicker than mine. I was like, umm wut?

Doesn't date guys with glasses? Wouldn't she have seen by your online photo(s) that you wear glasses? Sounds like a shitty fake excuse to me.

Most of my pics on that website were taken at clubs and I tend to wear contacts when I go out, but wear glasses on normal days. Anyway, I'm glad I dodged the bullet.

oddities 20

#2, tell me about it. My girlfriend can go from kissing me to ignoring me like that* and then back to square 1. Some girls should come with subtitles. *insert finger snap here

she probably remembered that she already has a boyfriend, or she got a better offer , or something along those lines.

Women can be so confusing. But then again guys can be like that too. Also #35 maybe have a picture of yourself just casually at home on it too. It will save you the trouble of girls like that in the future.

Don't worry OP there will always be someone else that will like you for who you are! Keep your chin up!

That's brutal OP. You deserve better anyway. Chin up. There are more fish in the sea.

But what if op is a complete dick or smells like pig farts?

You say it to his face or just say something, to his face, saying that she doesn't want to see him again. Preferably in a more polite, less bitchy way.

Aww. She's using reverse psychology to get your attention and affection. Go after her, OP! Disclaimer: Not responsible for any restraining order that may occur.

I followed your advice.. 3 restraining ord... Damn, didn't read the fine print.

If your picture is how you treated them, I'd get a restraining order too..

Instructions too confusing, got dick stuck in ceiling fan.

It's gonna be okay OP you'll find someone that's better than her

Please give another example of your amazing powers. What am I going to have for breakfast tomorrow?

amayasoma 19

22 - Butter toast.

DaMann360 19

Not that bitch that's for sure

That's so rude! On the bright side, you'll never have to deal with her again.

She doesn't seem that great. You'll find someone better OP. Don't worry. :)

AviKerensky 17

The proper response here is, "Okay, you'll never see me again, but can you tell me what I did wrong so I never make that mistake again?"

Or fuck you works too

@16 He shouldn't go down to her level of rudeness.

I've tried that one...usually all I hear is crickets

DaMann360 19

I cannot delete this message so I erased the original and wrote this in its place.

Actually I would say OP would still be less rude in that hypothetical situation.

Maybe the text was meant for someone else?

ChristianH39 30

That's probably being a little too optimistic, unfortunately.

Well, a dog can try.