Tinder Users Post Their Online Photos Alongside What They Actually Look Like When Swiping Tinder, And The Results Are Pretty Funny!

Tinder users usually tend to present themselves in their best light. Which sometimes means being a bit economical with the truth: a photoshopped picture, a picture that was taken in 2009, a specific angle to hide a double chin, not to mention Instagram filters. For a bit of a giggle, some users Tweeted their Tinder profile pic along with a picture of them using the app, with the hashtag #OnTinderAtTinder

If you already know the app, you'll already be aware of the superficial nature of the whole thing

You are shown a series of profiles that contain photos, sometimes a short description and you swipe away, left or right according to whether you like what you see. If you both liked each other's profile, you get to exchange messages… and away you go!

However, sometimes, the lie is a bit too extreme. Studio photos and totally unnatural poses are a turn off. Everybody lies, said Dr House. He wasn't talking about Tinder though, but it still applies.

Enough with the jibberjabber, let's look at the differences:

1 - Chinny

2 - Hat vs. Dog


3 - Baywatch


4 - Nice bed hair


5 - Gordon Ramsey is on here too



6 - Alone in bed is the BEST

7 - Before vs. After




9 - Scary


10 - The kind of face you'd make after being sent a dick pic


11 - Low angle shots don't suit everyone


12 - Miss Piggy vs. we're not sure. It looks like a dildo that has melted in the sun, despite the sunshade umbrella


13 - The IRA is on Tinder

14 - Catwoman doesn't mean crazy cat lady. Or does it? 


15 - Tobacco is bad for your skin, everyone knows that

16 - I'm so cool vs. I'm so tired


How about you? Are you on Tinder ?

Does your profile have your real, non-filtered face, or did you post a picture of your labrador? Tell us about your adventures on dating apps in the comments, and we'll tell you all about people who met on FML and are now in a relationship (if they let me)!

By Alan / Friday 20 October 2017 14:06 / France
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