This Woman Lived With A Cockroach Stuck In Her Ear For 9 Days And That's A Big Old Nope.

The mother of all FMLs.

What's your worst nightmare? Whatever it is, it should take a backseat and having a cockroach crawl up your ear while you're sleeping. Although it may sound unlikely, that is exactly what happened to Florida resident Katie Holley.

After what we assume was much needed psychological therapy and days of weeping, Katie shared her story with Self Magazine. 

"Last month, in the middle of the night, I woke up startled. It felt like someone had placed a chip of ice in my left earhole—but it was something way worse."

When Katie got up to check her ear, she realized pretty quickly that it was definitely not ice, and rather, something very much alive crawling through her ear canal. Freaking out, she woke her husband to check her ear, who confirmed her worst nightmare. It was a palmetto bug, the type of cockroach found commonly in humid areas like Florida. Her husband attempted to extract the bug from her ear himself, but "unfortunately, he only managed to pull two of its spiky legs off," Katie wrote. "At that point, it was clear I needed to go to the ER."

"As the doctor administered the Lidocaine, the roach began to...react. Feeling a roach in the throes of death, lodged in a very sensitive part of your body, is unlike anything I can adequately explain."

The doctor proceeded to remove a few chunks of the roach from Katie's ear. Rightfully so, Katie was pretty traumatized by the whole situation and was not eager to take a long gander at the bug that had just made a home in her ear.

"My ear remained numb for 24 hours, but I still noticed some residual pain and crackling when I yawned after I regained feeling. No, the nightmare wasn’t over."

9 days later, Katie still could not hear properly, and her ear still felt very sore. It was clear that something was still very wrong. When she took a trip to see her family doctor, she confirmed Katie's worst fear. There was still something in there.

"After my doctor removed what she could, she kindly rubbed my back until I stopped weeping. She quietly told me there might be more in my ear and that she was going to make me an emergency ENT appointment for the same day."

In the end, it wasn't until Katie went to see an ENT -- 9 full days after the original incident -- that the whole cockroach was removed from her ear. Much to Katie's horror, the ENT extracted "THE ENTIRE HEAD, UPPER TORSO, MORE LIMBS, AND ANTENNAE."

At the end of the day, Katie has a good sense of humor about the situation. She signed off on her horrible tale with a remark on her marriage.

"I’d also like to give a shoutout to my husband, to whom I promised on our wedding day two years ago that I would always strive to make our lives interesting and adventurous. Thanks to this recent roach situation, I would say that I am exceeding expectations and am off the hook for a while."
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Top comments
By  RichardPencil  |  30

Well, I just wasted about a dozen Q-Tips making sure I don't have roaches in my ears!

Result: No roaches. No insects of any kind. I guess my hearing loss comes from years of listening to Beethoven at high volume. Isn't that ironic, don't you think?

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

EW OMG! That is horrifying! Makes me sick just thinking about it! And very scared since my ear has been bothering me for a year now (though it's supposedly Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, though I did have that tube surgery to fix it and it's still bothering me), so now I'm extra paranoid! Ugh! I hate roaches! Kill them all!