This Woman Has The World's Greatest Boss, And This Text Exchange Proves it

Terrible bosses can be a huge FML. Props to the good ones, like this.

Jenn is a hard worker, and everyone knows it. Her entire office even refers to her as "Mom" and she embraces the title -- even signng off on all her emails with the nickname. In Jenn's 8 years at her company, she has only been late one time, and that was only because her son had had his wisdom teeth removed.

Being a good employee pays off, but having a chill boss pays off even more. Somehow, the combination of these two things resulted in the most bomb work situation of all time... and a sample of why can be seen in the text exchange between Jenn and her boss, below.


Here's what her boss had to say

Source: Bored Panda

By nadine / Sunday 8 April 2018 20:43 /
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