This Week's Crowning Comments

Come find out who was on their comment game this week! This time featuring a comment chain, a two-for-one, and another edition of the meta-comment bonus round. So much love to show, so little time!

Jk babies, there's plenty of time. Let's tee this thing off, shall we?


10. Why don't you do like PennyLane27 and take a lesson from the abominable hoe man himself?

“Has he not learned anything from Ludacris? Gotta keep hoes in different area codes!”


9. Woah, plot twist from Iamskynet!


“...and that kids is how I met your mother”


8. Samwilliams800 does not mince words.


 “That explains why she's full of shit.”



7. You know what, Glowworm56, I think you might be right.


“I'm highly suspicious that that baby had a fake i.d.”


6. YAS, y'all better watch out for the sass coming from ItnHmn.


“Proper reply: Good, because I'd hate to have to awkwardly reject you after you misconstrued a polite compliment as attraction.”


5. Twofer Alert: Beware of batgirlandrobin and Gwengreen because their sarcasm bites.


“One of the great features of libraries is that they let you take the books away for a bit and read them where you choose.”


“You didn't do research before you moved? Google is a great tool to look stuff up, like specific towns, tourist attractions and weather.”


4. The one and only Tripartita has made their comback and they are trying to reassure OP at all.


“No need to worry, OP; there's plenty to do while clubbing besides dancing (and eventually having sex) with strangers. You can also drink (and eventually have sex) with strangers, use the filthy restrooms (and eventually have sex) with strangers, and listen to terrible music (and eventually have sex) with strangers.”



3. Great guess, pjsr. That's totally how it happened.


“How do you 'accidentally' come out to your grandma? 'Hey, Nan, pass the poptarts, please. We queers love poptarts!'”


2. This colorful comment chain from ThatIsSoFetch, afallingstar, and kelardy perfectly sums up the horror of dealing with internet companies.


“You'll get a letter back saying the only way to cancel is to send smoke signals.”


            “Then interpretive dance.”


            “followed by cave paintings”


1. This is too perfect, arioch_fml. You win!


“Did you catch him in the act Op? If not how do you know he isn't being framed?”





Yo, hug this person: Tripartita.


“And then, when you ran out to stop him before he could leave, he greeted you with, 'I like guys.'”


And also hug this person: RichardPencil.

“At least there's a restaurant we know of that will serve you a beer, provided you don't mind having it spilled on you.”


“At least you must have done the poop-flush-poop-flush technique well enough that you didn't require a plunger. That ought to impress the guy!”


By Nina / Friday 23 June 2017 15:44 /
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