This Week's Comment Commanders

Come see who's leading the pack when it comes to top-notch comments.

Wassup y.

Today is Friday and that means another installment of the comment countdown! Last week's suggestion to follow ranking users on their FML Timelines got a little complicated so we're going back to the hugs this week.

Go hug these people! They deserve it.

Now, without further ado, I present this week's champs.

10. Way to lead the cheering committee, Fritterzz

“How is this an FYL? YOU QUIT SMOKING! Congrats by the way. A healthy body is a happy body. Larger or not.”


9. If you've been paying attention for the last couple weeks, you'll know CrazyTrainWreck is proving himself to be the pun king of FML.


“Sounds like you are chomping at the bit to reign him in and spur him on to stop horsing around.”


8. Tru dat, sunshine1421.


“well monday morning is gonna be awkward”


7. Calling FMLs fake is against the rules, arioch_fml, but I'm gonna let it slide because you triggered my chortle.


“So fake, Op you're full of shit.”


6. Druu tells you how to maximize yield. Buns, buns for everyone!


“Just because there's a bun in the oven doesn't mean you need to stop baking.”


5. Dave_Davington is clearly an experienced attorney. 


“You must have forgotten the #1 rule of defence attourney-ing (I'm making that a verb). When in doubt, should "OBJECTION" at the top of your lungs while pointing at whoever is in the witness box.”


4. Here comes Regulate, our resident deep-thinker, seeing the sadness in beauty.


“That poor bush. Too perfect for it's own good.”



3. Truer words have never been written than those by RichardPencil, best friend to all. 


“Best friends don't have to speak. They know each other so well, that everything that needs to be said can be communicated nonverbally. I'm happy for you and your BFF.”


2. bigredmonkeybutt makes us feel better about the neckties we buy year after year for our fathers. 


“Dads are used to being disappointed by Father's Day gifts.”


1. A little cocky there, aren't you, pjsr?


“'Oh, yeah, that reminds me. Do we we have a yardstick anyplace?'”



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