This Raccoon's Epic Journey Up A 20 Story Skyscraper Gave Everyone Anxiety

Whatever decision that led this raccoon to the skyscraper to begin with was a big FML.

A lovable little furry friend turned social media star captured many hearts this past week after getting stuck on a skyscraper in St. Paul, Minnesota, with nowhere to go... but up.

The raccoon was given the moniker #mprracoon due its proximity to the Minnesota Public Radio, and the hashtag hit Twitter's trending list by Tuesday evening. MPR tweeted updates about the animal's ascent to the top of the skyscraper until the little thing finally made it. 

Though she made it safe in the end, her journey was an uneasy one. It was clear early on that the raccoon was unable to descend on to safe ground, and according to NPR, any attempt to rescue the animal before it arrived safely to the top of the building was likely to "scare and endanger the animal." This turned the raccoon-watch into an anxiety-ridden waiting game.

So the raccoon waited. But to be clear, she was aware that she'd made a grave error. Hey, hindsight is 20/20, right?

Amidst all the craziness, NPR came in with the important questions.

"it remains unclear how the animal tweeted without opposable thumbs — or where, exactly, it's keeping its phone during the climb."

If the photos aren't enough, here's an excellent video that captures the raccoon's journey from the beginning, with perfect soundtrack music to boot.

In the end, the #mprracoon made it to the top, where it was captured by using some cat food -- Which is, in our opinion, a very anticlimactic ending for such a harrowing tale. The racoon should have had its one true love up there waiting for it or something. 

We'd like a rewrite.

By Nadine / Thursday 14 June 2018 12:27 /
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