This Nail Salon Wants To Put live Ants Inside Your Nails, And People Are Not Having It

FML for the ant, but also for the crazy person who thinks this design is cute to begin with.

We've written about the nail salon Nail Sunny before, for their bizarre teeth shaped nail design. Well, we're here to tell you that they've upped their game and gone even weirder... and a lot less moral. 

This time, it's ants. And no, not like in the cute, painted-on-the-nail to get in the Halloween spirit kind of way. 

We have to admit, this salon is good at staying in the headlines. 

A quick glance through the salon's Instagram page will show you that this is far from their second attempt at an obscure/unique design. It seems like between every other "normal" simple polished look is something completely bizarre that leaves you wondering what this salon's angle is. 

Whatever their reasoning may be, the Russian nail salon is now facing serious backlash for their thoughtless design. Users have flooded their Instagram comments, calling out the stunt for what it is: animal cruelty.

And on a much more superficial note? The nail design is hideous. So you're basically harming a living thing to end up looking terrible anyway. 

By Nadine / Wednesday 29 August 2018 16:17 /
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By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Yeah, and what happens when the ant dies? You have to go back to the salon and pay a bunch of money to have your nails re-done? This is absolutely sick and beyond messed up. Seriously, wtf, why? I just... I can't even...