This Month's Funniest FML's - As Voted by Our Users !

Here's the round up of the 10 funniest FML's published over the past month, according to our users' votes!


1 - Dating life is hell.



2 - Inform, educate and entertain.

3 - Living in the middle of nowhere seems like the best option sometimes.

4 - A very "hands-on" boss.


5 - A parking lot mix up, and a lot of assuming people are wrong-doing. 


6 - Mom has the best one-liners.

7 - This should be in some sort of sketch show on TV.


8 - Love is… Knowing when to let someone wank in peace.

9 - When all electronics should be turned off or logged out. Sex is off the clock!

10 - Fashion is so COMPLICATED.

Hey, that's a great look!


That's it for now, see you next time! 

By Alan / Thursday 24 October 2019 10:11 /
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