This Man Faced Instant Repercussions After Yelling At A Woman For Breastfeeding In Public, And It's Wonderful

Breastfeeding in public? Yay? Nay? FML?

The innocent bystanders of the world must not be subjected to the foul vulgar act of feeding a child. At least, apparently, that's what some people actually still think. In the case of one mother breastfeeding her child at a public pool, it was exactly what a man implied when he approached her about it. 

Photographer Tanja Krstic Radusinovic took to Facebook to describe the incident that took place when the man, who appeared to be around 40, approached her to give his unsolicited opinion and scold her. 

“This was at one of the hotels/resorts in Las Vegas, NV,” Radusinovic said in an interview with Bored Panda “Too many moms have been shamed for breastfeeding.”

“It’s normal. I can’t believe that grown-up men – and women – would be offended by a baby eating.”

What would we do without these unsolicited opinions? Possibly, cease to exist alltogether. Check out the incident described below.

Mama's unite! Way to go, lady. 

By Nadine / Friday 6 April 2018 19:21 /
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By  dedanjel  |  33

It's a normal, natural behavior. That is literally what breasts are made for. Why the fuck do people get up in arms when a woman uses her breasts for what they're made for in public, but squeezing them into tiny tops to display them for no reason other than because she can in public is perfectly considered perfectly acceptable? I've seen far more breastfeeding mothers using more decorum with their breasts than the women who don't hear any shit for brazenly displaying them in tops.


Breastfeeding women get harassed all over the place especially in prude places like the US.
I've heard this story before and even if it's not true it's delightful and will warm the cockles of every breastfeeding mother's hearts, and that's a splendid thing.

By  joonsson  |  20

She was under a towel so I don’t get his problem. The people who do it out in the open in public places like restaurants and cafes need to stop tho, unless you’re very attractive nobody wants to see your tits while they’re enjoying their meal.

  Nadine  |  21

Uh, I don't think any mother cares about whether or not you personally would like to see her tits when she is, you know, feeding her child. Probably the least of her concerns.


yeah well whether or not the woman is attractive if she's feeding her baby she's doing something to prevent your eardrums being assaulted by her baby screaming so you should just be grateful. If ever she's not pretty enough for you, nobody's making you look at her. You can just look the other way like you do for beggars in the street.