This Is What Chinese People Think About Different European Countries. It's Hilarious And Definitely Offensive.

Damn, China. Who knows you'd be like that racist uncle you avoid during the holidays?

The information gathered on this map is taken from the most-commonly googled questions about European countries, according to Not only are most of these extremely generalized, weird, and borderline racist... some are just plain incorrect. However, they are hilariously on par with what you'd expect a really old, out of touch relative to scream out at random during Christmas dinner.

"ITALIANS ARE WEAK." OK, Nana, let's get you to bed. 

Why has Spain simply not annexed Portugal?

And WHY is Belarus named Belarus!? We need answers!

Why does Norway try to act like it's cold? NOT COLD.

Keep googlin' people. You guys are onto something.


By nadine / Wednesday 28 March 2018 12:54 /
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  ashwednesday  |  12

Scotland and Northern Island are still considered to be their own countries. They just teamed up with the English and Welsh to form their own mini-European Union before the European Union was cool.


Don't know why I got voted down, they ARE part of the UK! They're not their own independent countries no matter how much their respective nationalists try and get people to believe such.

  ashwednesday  |  12

“The United Kingdom is a state made up of the historic COUNTRIES* of England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland.” - BBC

“The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of a group of Islands off the western coast of Europe. The largest, Great Britain, comprises three COUNTRIES*: England, Scotland, and Wales. Ireland, to the west, consists of the UK’s province of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.” - The Commonwealth of Nations official website

“In simple terms, [the UK is] the union of the individual COUNTRIES* of England, Scotland, and Wales, collectively called Great Britain (Europe’s largest island) and the northeastern corner of Ireland - the constitutional distinct region of Northern Ireland.” - World Atlas

“The United Kingdom [...] consists of a group of Islands off the northwest coast of Europe. It is a unique country made up of four NATIONS*: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.” - National Geographic

*Emphasis mine.

By  DragonMaiden7  |  15

Yeah, and apparently China loves the alt-right and hates America’s PC culture and makes fun of Liberals, apparently.

Don’t take my word for it, a Youtuber known as Black Pigeon Speaks was talking about it, and how China was superior to Europe and America because they think this way and view countries like this.

China is a beautiful country and has beautiful people, but not because of some of their citizen’s disparaging views of different places and people.

By  Dino Lee  |  4

I am from China.And i wish you've not used the "damn" before the China.I am not comfortable about it.And this is the first time that i see the map,which maybe it exist some questions among the European Countries by materials or massages passing around and round.Even though you can find out so many odd questions because the people in China wanna know more about the other countries and making friends with them by topics in language.
At last,I believed that the people are just get used to "i think",then turn into "i thought" when they figure out.

  Razell  |  13

Tough nuts. Welcome to the free Internet. Also, (for your syntactical enlightenment) the comma between "Damn" and "China" means that, in this context, "Damn" is an expression of amazement or disbelief. "Damn" is not a pejorative description of "China".

By  PhoenixChick  |  26

As an American, this map makes me mad. It implies that people in China have heard of foreign countries, their issues and cultures, and could place them on a map of Europe. Which as a publicly educated American I know is impossible. Now someone tell me what part of China Japan is in again?