This Husband Was Just Trying To Help, But What He Used To Make Dinner Has Women Everywhere Cringing

Dads. It’s so cute when they try, but sometimes they’re just clueless. Like this man, whose loving gesture turned out to be an FML. He cooked a nice dinner for his family and only after did his wife inform him that he’d used her menstrual cup as a measuring cup.

We’ve all been in a situation where we needed a measuring cup and didn’t have one. Normally you can get by using a different cup, eyeballing it, and you’ll get more or less the amount you were looking for. A cup is a cup is a cup, after all. Except, when it’s that kind of cup.

Cindy Hobbs, a busy entrepreneur and mother of Victoria, Australia, was in the kitchen when she came across something...disturbing. She immediately snapped a photo and sent it to her husband to get down to the bottom of things.

As you can see, that’s a bag of rice. But what’s that inside? Contrary to what Cindy’s husband had assumed, that is not a measuring cup.

That's a menstrual cup.

Aw, sweetie, no. “Menstalony soup?” He’s trying so hard. But apparently not hard enough to google “menstrual” right away.

According to an interview with Scary Mommy, the couple’s toddler had gotten ahold of the menstrual cup the day before, so Cindy took it away and placed it next to the kitchen sink, out of reach of the toddler. But then she got busy and forgot it there, conveniently next to the bag of rice her husband would later use to make dinner.

Who can blame him for thinking is was a cooking tool when it was just lying there in the kitchen? Still, the thought of a menstrual cup, clean or not, being in contact with food...shivers.

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By  Dave_Davington  |  33

Apparently, this woman sells jewellery made from her own tit milk. No, I'm not kidding, she's got a Facebook page for it and everything (it's some sort of new age bullshit, from what I can gather). So I don't think she's really in a position to judge others for grossness. That's just me, though.

By  Glowworm56  |  25

I've never even seen a menstrual cup before--but the minute I saw the picture I knew exactly what that thing was. I think that rice needs to be thrown out now that she knows what it was being measured by.

By  TJ Maurice McCovery  |  10

I would still eat the rice ;)

  Shaibear96  |  9

They need to be boiled to be sanitized so it has to be in the kitchen. Also, as the article mentioned she wasn't washing it, she was placing it next to the sink out of her toddlers reach.

  faifai_fml  |  21

Yeah! Filthy dirty woman, how dare you have your period INSIDE of the house! Don't you know that you're supposed to stay outside in a tent for the entirety of your menstruation + 8 days and then go take a bath in a mikveh before you're allowed back inside???