This Hilariously Awkward Local News Segment Was A Total Fail, And Therefore A Must Watch

If Michael Scott were a stammering character on an episode of Rick and Morty, you'd et this news segment.

What started out as your average cheesy fluff piece for San Diego’s KUSI-TV turned into the internets most awkward and cringe-worthy news segment of the week. People are really having a field day with this one.

Inflation, amiright?

The host, Dave Scott, tries to start off with a joke about economic inflation, which he is clearly trying (and failing) to tie into the wonderful world of inflatable balloons and bouncy houses so that he has a unique spin to the story about The Inflatable Run, a race that promotes getting off the couch and appreciating inflatable slides and balloons.

Unfortunately, it quickly becomes apparent that Scott's co-anchor back at the studio either hates him and wants to fail, or no one cued him in on the joke ahead of time. The latter begs the question: come on dude, you can't just roll with the punches?

But the awkward doesn't stop there. 

Dave Scott recovers quickly and starts interacting with the audience. Another fail, as his questions made him sound like he was high and people responded with confused looks and awkward questions. Come on Scott, but what kind of question is "what kind of fun do you think you're gonna have today!?"

You gotta give Scott credit where credit is due: he seems unphased throughout the entire segment. Check it out below.

Summary: "You know that thing, inflation? Would you say that's a good thing? Inflation? Good? Bad? Opinions?? Ok here's a man in a dancing inflatable costume who looks like he might murder your entire family."

By Nadine / Thursday 7 June 2018 13:57 / France
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By  jkjorn  |  15

Mr. Scott must not be very popular at the station- the co-anchor barely hides his smirk while he lets him twist in the wind, and the camera crew positioned him where he's squinting into the sun. If I were him I'd be looking for a new station!