This Cup Noodles Ad Gone Wrong Shows The Real Struggle Graphic Designers Deal With Daily

It might not always be best to do as you’re told, even when you’re being paid to do it. However, this is the major every day FML reality for designers. This Cup Noodles ad proves it by listening to every single request from their client to show just how stupid it will turn out in the end.

The seemingly normal photo, although originally still a bit creepy, takes a quick turn into ultra weird when the designer decided to follow through with every instruction given by the client.

Nissin Cup Noodles posted the photos on Twitter, and they were quickly translated by Kimiko Foo to reveal just how bizarre the requests actually were.


The requests continue to get weirder and weirder, spiraling into some kind of obscure Japanese art piece that could never seriously be considered as being part of any legitimate marketing plan.

“Change the hair to a more cheese kind of feeling.” says one of the possibly more priceless notes. It’s not a request that could be understood by most, but the designer definitely did his best. We can see why the client would want the “cheese hair” look over the “black ink” look. Most people want the “London” look, but dare to be different, Nissin Cup Noodles. Dare to be different.

When we think noodles, we think of a field of animals running around on their hind legs and children on what appear to be hoverboards escaping from a giant digital brain. Now, that will sell you a cup of noodles.

By Nadine / Tuesday 30 January 2018 17:09 /
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