This Cinco De Mayo Fail Compilation Is A Must-Read Before Getting Plastered And Eating Tacos

... And creating your own FMLs, which will be featured in next year's article.

If you haven't already read it 1,000 times, Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexican Independence day. It's not even celebrated in all of Mexico, or even a large part of it. It's the day that the Mexican's unexpectedly won the Battle of Puebla against the French, and for some reason, people really love to remind Americans about the fact that they're being assholes on this day, every year. In some ways, we can't blame them. Americans usually get the holiday all wrong, and some even spend the rest of the year talking about deporting foreigners. Although it's well known as a great day to party, it's also a day well known for Americans showing their ugly side. Many fails ensue, both physically and verbally. Some openly embrace their American-ness on this day, and it's also great. No matter what, we love this day because we get a good laugh out of it. And you do are the best Cinco de Mayo fails so far. Please try to top these and make our list next year.







By Nadine / Friday 4 May 2018 11:52 /
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