This Cafe Makes Vulva Cupcakes. Wanna lick?

Have you ever eaten pussy? Here's your chance!

Of all the vagina related paraphernalia out there that you can buy, these lickable cupcakes really take the cake. (You see what we did there? Hold on, there's much more coming.)

Shot In The Dark Cafe in Tucson, Arizona, calls them "Cunt Cakes" and the tasty snack really gives a whole new meaning to eating out.

They are a mere $3, which is really not a lot for a good pussy. The cupcakes come in a range of skintones, and because it's 2018 and we're all about gender equality, you can also get dick-cakes at this cafe as well. 

“Well, it began last year actually. One of the co-owners at the time had the idea to get a penis-shaped cake mould for Valentine’s day. We made about 20 of them last year, just for Valentine’s day, and they quickly sold out,’ the bakery owner told Daily Star Online. ‘We put it on social media and it got a great response in-store and online, but nothing like this year. 

When I made them again this year, we advertised it a week or two earlier and the post was extremely popular."

I guess people really love their genital cake. Eat up!

By Nadine / Tuesday 17 April 2018 17:55 /
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Top comments
By  Zekfen  |  17

My brother would say the dark colored one is all wrong, because regardless of the skin on the outside, it is all pink deliciousness on the inside.

By  tenniemo  |  19

Oh, hey. I live here. I’ll have to check it out - even if it looks a little off it’s still a cupcake, and goodness knows I can’t resist cupcakes.