This Beauty Blogger Went Under The Knife For Breast Implants, But Got Square Boobs Instead

What bigger FML for a beauty blogger than a botched boob job?

Russian beauty blogger Yulia Debbagkh did not expect this when she went under the knife over 13 years ago for a routine breast augmentation.   

We’re not sure what was going on in the doctor’s mind when he decided to lay the implants over muscle and not under them, which can result in misshapen breasts in the future. In Yulia’s case, the mistake showed itself in the form of squares nearly 13 years later.

Maybe he just wasn’t thinking too far into the future, but we aren’t sure how a boob-surgeon could mess up what seems like one pretty important part of the whole augmentation… that being where you actually place the implant. It’s a whole new level of 'You had one job!’

According to The Daily Mail, the clinic where Yulia went to have her surgery over 10 years ago was actually a well respected place at the time, though for her redo she is planning to go someplace else. Her new doctor Maxim Nesterenko implies that her old implants were a bit out of date.

“This time we will do it the proper way,” he said. “We will remove the old implants, put new ones under the muscle. And these new implants will be modern ones. These days manufacturers give a life long guarantee.”

Yulia  was courageous enough to share her problem on social media, but was unfortunately met by trolls who mocked her breasts, making cruel comments about her shape and calling her undesirable to men.

But it's not all bad for this beauty blogger, as lawyers have told her she can expect compensation of around one million roubles - or about $17,000, which is more than enough to pay for her replacement surgery and put some money in the bank.

The trolls may mock, but it looks like Yulia will have the last laugh on this one. All we can hope is that her boobs come out round this time, and not triangular.

By Nadine / Friday 9 February 2018 11:43 /
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By  boopingsnoot  |  23

1. Breast implants require routine replacement every 3-5 years, depending on type.
2. Daily Mail is NOT a reliable news source; they are the online version of a shitty supermarket checkout lane tabloid.

By  boopingsnoot  |  23

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By  neuronerd  |  28

looks more like capsular contraction/scar tissue issues. Some people choose to have their implants put over the muscle. in the past, it was suggested because of potential interference with mammograms, but the technology has improved (Both in breast augmentation and mammography). It's unfortunate, but it doesn't appear to be due to bad surgical technique.