This Baby's Hair Is So Intense, She's Already Gained Over 100k Followers On Instagram

This baby has a bigger following on Instagram than you. Now that's an FML.

The next big influence for hair products has been born.

Literally. She was born like 6 months ago.

When BoredPanda wrote about the Japanese baby Chanco with the incredible hair, she was at 70k followers. now, a mere 5 days later, she's far surpassed that number at over 100,000 followers.

It's safe to say people worldwide are falling in love with Chanco's lucious locks. A quick glance at the photos below and you will understand why.

When Chanco was born, she alrady had a full head of hair

Natrally, as she got older, her hair grew even longer and thicker. When her mother posted a photo of her on Instagram, people fell in love pretty quickly. Check out Chanco the Elvis-hair baby below.

Can't get enough of Chanco? Neither can the rest of the world. Check out her Instagram for more adorable pictures.

By nadine / Tuesday 24 July 2018 17:30 /
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