Think You’ve Got an Old Soul? Take This Quiz to Find Out Your Inner Old Person Name Here!

By Nina / samedi 7 octobre 2017 06:30
We know how much of an FML is it to not be able to keep up with the kids these days. Our suggestion? Just give up. Instead of struggling to stay relevant, address you inner old-timer on a first-name basis, whether it’s Eunice, Norma, Harold, Eugene, etc.

I think it goes without saying that we at FML aren’t exactly the hip and happening type. Embodying the FML spirit means being on the outs of popular culture. Hover boards, for example? That’s some sci-fi nonsense. Dabbing? Haven’t got a clue. Fidget Spinners? No thank you.

We’re not even old, we’re just kind of lame. And you know what? That’s okay. We’re proud of our inner old person, and you should be too!

Celebrate being out of touch like us by finding out your inner old person name. I’m Harold. Who are you?

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  blue_ecureuil  |  16

I´m also Bertha! But mine did not say that I liked chastising youth... Instead, it said I´ve seen some shit and that I am prepared to fend people off with my navy abilities XD

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