These Starbucks Orders Will Turn Your Stomach


Some people have a stronger sweet tooth than others, and some people have a death wish. That was made clear when Starbucks Barista Jessica Lynn tweeted a photo of one of the drinks she was requested to make, with the caption "Ashley you have to be trolling us right now..."

How bad could it be? Pretty bad. Check out the original tweet below.

Unfortunately, this was not a unique occurance. Jessica's tweet went viral, and an abundant amount of Starbucks baristas came through with their own order horror stories. 


These drinks are so terrible it really begs the question: how did they even decide to make these monstrosities? The comments from the Buzzfeed article ask exactly what we were all wondering. We need answers!


If you've got your own terrible concoction and you're still alive to talk about it, let us know in the comments. 

By Nadine / Thursday 26 April 2018 12:12 / France
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Top comments
By  obie1975  |  9

And my bf makes fun of me for my venti dark roast iced coffee with whole milk, mocha, and sugar. Psh he's lucky I don't send him to get poison like these.

By  Briarpatch  |  20

This is just one of many reasons why Starbucks needs an express lane for people who are just getting a cup of coffee (and not a complicated custom drink, or food for twelve).

By  Neror  |  13

I'm reminded of a story from Not Always Right about a barista who became more and more visibly excited as a customer gave their long, complicated order. The barista then set to work, moving around the prep area like poetry in motion. When she finished, one of staff shouted, "She did it!" and they all cheered.

The story goes that the boss had offered them all a reward if they could prepare a drink in less time than it took the customer to order.