These Roommates Sent Nudes In Exchange For A Puppy And We're Pretty Sure They Got The Better End Of The Deal

Call them what you will, but these ladies finessed their way into a free puppy.

According to 9gag, a group of girls who live together decided to pool together their resources to adopt a beautiful puppy. Well, at least, that's the rated G version of the story. In reality, by "pool together" we really mean, they texted about it for a few minutes and by "resources" we really mean, some other chick's nudes, and by "adopt a puppy" we mean, some random guy was giving the dog away in exchange for said nudes.

Regardless, the story is a hilarious one with a happy ending involving puppies. And who doesn't love that kind of ending? So here it is:

By Nadine / Monday 26 February 2018 15:16 /
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Top comments
By  Anthony Ginder  |  5

Nudes or it didn't happen.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

If anyone here is interested in a similar transaction, I have two dogs I'd be willing to part with. Applicants must be 18-40. Content of pics and vids is negotiable, but faces must be shown. No refunds will be given.

By  Jonathan Curtis Atkins  |  9

Wonder if the local ASPCA has a similar deal for pet adoptions...