These Fake Avengers Figures Are Probably Better Than The Real Thing

Here's hoping that these heroes are never the ones who show up to save the day.

When fake Avengers action figures started popping up in random shops, people noticed quickly. These "Revengers" were created by Comedian Jeff Wyaski as part of the Obvious Plant proect.The project plants hilarious flyers, signs, and various other things around the world just to bring a little bit of humor into peoples mundane, every day lives. 

“I was somewhat bored with these more traditional humor avenues, so I started looking for something new,” Wysaski said in an interview with  Fast Company. “Late last year, I hit on the idea of ‘street humor’—for lack of a better term. I’d done a bit of this in the past, but the more I thought about it, the more ideas I had, so I felt the project warranted it’s own name and website.”

Check out these knock off Avengers which are definitely exactly like the real thing. 

1. The Incredible Fella!

2. Regular Raccoon!

3. Knighty Knight!

4. Token Girl!

5. Fedora Ron!*

*Ron not included.

Collect them all!

By Nadine / Tuesday 8 May 2018 12:59 / France
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