These Crotch-less Jeans Are The Latest Denim Disaster To Hit ASOS and People Are Dragging Them Hard On Twitter

A couple weeks in and 2018 is already giving birth to new, more horrific fashion trends than ever before. This time it’s Ragged Priest’s ‘Black Label Chaps, which ASOS recently had to remove from their site when the incessant ridicule of the jeans became an FML they could no longer bear.

For most of history, assless chaps have been reserved for cowboys, motorcyclists, attendees of the Folsom Street Fair, and ‘Dirrty’-era Christina Aguilera. But recently ASOS, the extensive, multi-platform fashion retailer whose goal is to make fashion accessible to 20-somethings everywhere, boldly decided that it was time to broaden that demographic. And so they released The Ragged Priest’s ‘Black Label Chaps.’



For only $125, you could purchase these high-fashion, low-coverage jeans on their website. They’re a new take on chaps. For one, they’re denim. They’re essentially three pieces of fabric held together by a couple flimsy chains. The top part, which can either be seen as an ultra-micro-mini-skirt or a thick denim belt, connects to loose-fitting pant legs, exposing the wearer’s entire ass and crotch.

This is more than just a peek-a-boo situation. We’re talking full moon, people.

But fashion moves this ambitious, especially when involving jeans, can be highly risky. ASOS took the gamble and lost big time. Immediately people took to Twitter to mock the pants.

This may not be the first time ASOS has had bad taste in jeans, but it is be the first time that one of their products has been so ferociously mocked, they had to pull it from their website. So chaps fans, you’ll have to turn your search to eBay as the greater good prevails over yet another fashion FML.

By Nina / Tuesday 16 January 2018 14:04 / France
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