These 14 Embarrassing Childhood Photos Will Bring Back Memories, But Maybe Not The Good Kind

Break out the tissues. You're about to be in tears from all the FML.

You know those cringe-worthy photos that you wish didn't exist? Would you post them online if the internet called for it? Bored Panda has compiled everyone's most embarassing childhood photos, and the result is truly wonderful. Our favorite sub-genre is pre-teen girls looking like middle aged women, but awkward hair comes in as a close second. What's yours?

Enjoy 14 of our favorite awkward childhood photos below.

1. "That Time In The Early 90s When I Was 12 Going On 54"

2. My Parents Weren’t Surprised When I Came Out

3. "Why Yes!! My Vest Was Homemade! Pm Me For Orders!!! ;)"

4. "Give Me The Sassy Grandma Look"

5. "When You Look Over 40 But You’re Actually 12"

6. "For My 2nd Grade Photo I Vouched For The Satan’s-Child-Lawyer Look"

7. "I Swear It’s Not Square Anymore…"

8. "In 5th Grade I Was Worried I Would Blink And Mess Up My Year Book Photo"

9. "My 10th Grade Year Book Picture"

10. "This Surpasses Even The Fivehead"

11. "Homecoming 2012. Yes That’s My Real Hair. Yes I Spent An Hour On It Every Day"

12. " It Was 1996. I Was Obsessed With Vampires And Phantom Of The Opera…behold My Embarrassing Senior Picture"

13. "Glamour Shot Blunder (7 Years Old)"

14. "My Legs And Feet Hit Puberty Before The Rest Of Me"

By nadine / Thursday 19 April 2018 19:15 / France
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