The "What's Happening?" of FML this week

In this new weekly section, you'll get the scoop on everything FML, like what's going on, what's coming up, and what we're wearing. Socks, for example.

Hello FMLers!

I am pleased to present the first Monday article! If everything goes as planned, it will be posted Monday morning every week, unless we're rekt from a rather busy weekend. For this first edition, I'll just go around the room, because we're welcoming several new members to the team, and then there are also people behind the scenes that you don't know at all, (who yell like banshees because we've never given them they're 15 minutes).

So who is behind FML?

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      I've been around since 2009, first as community manager / moderator on FML, then on VDM (French version of FML) in addition from early 2013. I take care of moderation, articles, and lots of other important stuff like sarcasm and Pepsi rations.
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      Graphic designer and loudmouth. Makes graphic elements for all our sites. Unpleasant personality.

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      Julien (or KingJulien, his totally non-narcissistic pseudonym)

      Manages VDM social networks, answering people on Twitter and creating posts on Facebook. If the tweets aren't fire, go and tell him personally.

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      The creator of videos that you may see on our Facebook pages. He's the secret son of Charles Manson. Or of Tarantino. They're always mixed up.

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      Julien 2

      There are so many Juliens in France. This one manages FPLD as well as other graphic elements. He's very sporty and wears Axe for men.

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      Today's new arrival, so I can't say much yet except that she's American and will therefore lend a helping hand at FML.

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      Graphic designer and not as much of a loudmouth as Camille, but one still senses a potential for mouthiness. In charge of red pandas (you'll see soon).

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      He manages all our tech, which you already know from his article last week, and he wanted to say this about the ongoing changes at FML:

News from the Fleox front,

Following my article on tech (found here), numerous events have been organized around the world in support of Fleox and I thank you. I could not be present each time but my heart was with you all. Thanks to your donations, we were able to set up new servers that we hope will help support the FML cause with more and more activists each day.

Even Chuck Norris himself contacted me to offer me his help in fighting the power. Together, we can make miracles! (Thank you, Chuck). For the list of patches, it's always in the aforementioned article that I'll continue to update (here).

In addition to my fight against the dark side of the site (bugs), this week will see the arrival of our new iOS app, with its typical rounds of "It was better before", "But where's the function I liked using, without which my life is screwed?", or "What's this shitty ad?" In short, comrades, the road is still long and riddled with potholes, but with the help of Chuck, we will quickly correct the problems you'll surely find.

For those who prefer the little green man to the fruit, don't forget that a brand new version is already available and needs to be updated (and put 5 stars because nothing is perfect and it gives the force to Fleox). An update will be published on Thursday with the return of the bookmark (I whip myself daily for having removed it), the possibility to delete a conversation, the searching of profiles (we see you there) and correction of various bugs.

Finally, this week I welcome a new slave (pardon, a trainee) on the technical side. I'll introduce him to you next week - if he lasts that long.

Long live the republic! Ok ok, I'll retreat to my corner now.

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      Handles strategy on Facebook and international chains of development. In Brazil, Colombia and Germany, this guy is everywhere.

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      He deals with everything advertising, monetization and the forces of evil. No no, he's nice, I swear!

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      Recent addition to the team, our CM who deals with social networks and moderation. Spotted flouncing about in the comments as well. She and I will be your points of contact for all that is FML. She's also American! USA!

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      He... I'm not sure what he does.

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      The new CM for VDM. Basically the French Cali.  We were anxious that she should get a chance to present herself. So here goes:

Hello everyone!

My name is Julie and I am the new community manager of this awesome site. I guess you're curious and want to know a bit about me, right? I'll make it brief!

I love chocolate, carrots, dragons, hamsters and running in the rain. I hate broccoli, khaki color, coffee, and the sound of squeaking doors. If I had to choose... a super power: teleportation (or eating without gaining weight), a flower: the lotus, and an animal: the penguin.

That's me! I hope we can laugh together and I'll do my best to meet your expectations.

PS: Be nice, I'm new.

That's for our crew, and we're a hell of a bunch of happy fools!

Now we have to introduce you to a few sites, because most of you don't know much about the FML universe.

The Sites :

- VDM, Vie de Merde (Life of Shit) is the base, the mothership, like George Clinton says (no, not the politician).

- FML, the first international foray. Some think that VDM is a translation of FML, but it's the opposite! There are other sites in different languages, but I don't understand any of them so I'll just let you explore for yourself at the bottom of the page.

- VDM Medics, a French site where employees of the medical world speak with employees of the medical world. So far, the only English equivalent is the FML Medics Facebook page.

- VDM Éduc, same as VDM Médics but in the education world. English version found on the Educating FML Facebook page

- VDM Beauté, for those who love being pretty. No English version yet. For those who can handle French, check it out here: VDM Beauté Facebook.

In other news, we're working on advertising optimization so if you find that it's a bit overloaded on the apps, it will be better soon. I swear on my cat.

Above all, a novelty will soon appear: the portal. What's the portal? It grants the ability to see all our different international sites from anywhere! There will be tabs at the top to allow you to choose your universe. I know this is super vague, but we'll give you more details soon.

So... voila! I think that's it for this Monday. If you have any questions, don't hesitate!



By Alan / Monday 27 February 2017 16:47 / France
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