The Tally Is In! Here Are This Week's Funniest Comments!

We've got some returning champs and some people who thought they'd never see the list again. We had our laughs, and now it's time to share our favorites with you. Enjoy!

6. Don't judge, aliens.

"I'm concerned about what the aliens are going to think about us after they see this.

'It appears to be some crudely drawn erectile phallus.'

'I told you that planet contained no intelligent lifeforms there!'” -Glowworm56  

5. Happy 4th!

“Looks like the fireworks came a little early this Independence Day” -ChromoTec

4. That's how you do it.

“Rock the machine back and forth until it falls on you and puts you out of your misery “ -  pjsr

3. Teamwork makes the dream work.

“I've seen bigger dicks. There's currently a massive one in the White House.” - BurnInDemonFire  

“Not with those tiny hands.” - RichardPencil

2. That's a methed up joke.

“Your boy methed up bad.” - Davros

1. Annnnd comin' in at #1!

Dr.Hedgehog needs to learn how to be part of a harmless joke.”  -real life problems

Obviously, he's a bit of a prick.” -BurnInDemonFire  


“Can't you just wash and dry your underwear under the fan like the lady on the plane?” -Davros  
By Nadine / Friday 6 July 2018 18:02 /
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You're not alone, bud. It's a nice surprise when you're given a place on this list by the folks in charge, but it can't happen every week, especially on a list this small. Keep persisting, don't be afraid to be a little crass, and word play is always good for a chuckle or two. We got your back, homie.