The Tally Is In! Here Are The Funniest Comments From This Week!

We've had all kinds of nonsense going on over at FML this week. Plenty of FMLs submitted, plenty of crazy-nutso stories from weirdos like you around the globe, doing weird things and keeping our platform alive. And as always, there have been comments galore. Some of them put us to sleep, but some of them caught our eye. See for yourself -- below are the 9 funniest comments from this week.

9. Sometimes, the simple observation is the funniest.

I feel like theres more to this story.” -rico71

8. Like "Shitty Situation" Except about 69-ing. 

“Everything about this story sucks.” -RichardPencil

7. Worked like a charm!

“The three sentences were: 'Hello, esteemed judge. I have your family. Give me first place, or else.'” -Symphoniaes  

6. Think of the D&D!

But where will he host his dungeons and dragons group now, if not in his parents basement.” -602offroad


“'The post was shared almost 4,000 times on Faebook'
What’s Faebook?” -mike3775  

4. That's how it works, right?

“Don't call yourself bisexual if you've never fucked a bicycle” -ChromoTec

3. No shame in your nerdy sex game. 

“Where can one get that Jabba the Hutt thing at? Just asking for a friend.” - Davros  

2. Grammar nazi, much?

I’ve seen people overreact to punctuation mistakes before, but this is overkill.” -Donut_Wizard

1. Coming in at #1 with the wonderfully executed penis joke:

“It's not the length, it's how you use it.” -interesting33
By Nadine / Friday 25 May 2018 15:06 /
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