The Tally Is In! Here Are The 11 Funniest Comments Of The Week!

You all killed it this week. You came in flexin' on those keyboards. Typing away furiously, you all showed up to the game with your best work and we're here to recognize that. Shout out to the bumblebee FML -- With great FMLs comes great comments, and that's clear now more than ever.

11. ....And that's why that FML ended up on the Best of Worst.

I don’t know how I wound up in jail but here let me tell you all the things I did that got me arrested.” -purplepixie23  

10. Please don't say that to your poor mother.

“Tell her dad said after 7 kids it's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.” - Davros  

9. I always say teamwork makes the dream work!

“My response; "Well, you ARE that single..." -manb91uk

“What? You’re dating him too! Have you met his mom?” -pjsr  

8. This FML needed a button that said INMIJD: I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

“I'd say that you deserved it, but given that you thought "fml" instead of appreciating it I'd say that you didn't deserve it.” -PenguinPal3017

7.  Who know Meghan was such an avid FML reader?

“It's okay, everyone! I am pleased to tell you all that Meghan Markle's wedding went off without a hitch. Except the one that attached the horses to their carriage.” - BurnInDemonFire  

6. Really dude, take it easy. You start small and work your way up.

“Try weed next time. I hear there is no reflux from that.” -Donut_Wizard

5. He was a confused dude.

“That threesome went sideways” - dexter420  

4. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Pooh had to do what he had to do. 

“Who needs honey so desperately that they will resort to stealing?” - anyoldnamewilldo

“Winnie the Pooh?” -Glowworm56

3. V clever.

“What did the sign say? 'Will twerk for honey'?” -BurnInDemonFire  

2. Excellent point... just imagine the costume then.

“Just be thankful that you stole honey and not diapers.” -PenguinPal3017

1. Because the comback from user Fire Princess WAS fire.

“It is gonna be harsh here and I embrace my down votes, but they're just giving a chance to the uglies to make them feel good.” -DraftHail614

“That's great news! Now you'll have a chance to enter!” - Fire_Princess16  


But your wife got her custom bridesmaids dress right?? -manb91uk  

By nadine / Friday 15 June 2018 16:50 / France
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Top comments
  RichardPencil  |  30

I'm glad you mentioned it. I didn't want to seem like a sore loser.

This week's list sucks. There were many funnier comments this week, including some by me, but many by others. Also, they missed my three "meta-comments" in one comment! That was a thing of beauty!

  Nadine  |  21

Oh heck naaahhh. RichardPencil, you make the list every week and we get crap about that and still tell people they have to deal with it... so it is your turn now, to deal with it. ALSO, I did see the 3 meta comment, and I didn't think they were all relevant to the FML.

Much love, but boy please.

  RichardPencil  |  30

The bumble suit, the stolen wedding dress and the tonsillectomy all related to the story and they were all in that week's crop of stories. I didn't have to reach back to 1981 to get an obliquely-related story!

Make a note that I wasn't the first one to complain about me being shut out. Personally, I'd prefer to see you pick out the funniest N comments (where N does not have to equal 10) regardless of who submitted them. If someone is on fire on a given week, they should be recognized.