The police send a busker home to practice after being heard butchering 'Wonderwall'

Playing songs in the street to make a bit of cash isn't a new thing. Some people are good at it, gathering coins and even getting the attention of talent scouts for record companies. Others have total FML moments, basically because they should never have been left within 10 feet of a musical instrument, and people never told them that their singing voices are worse than wolves howling at the moon.

A gentleman is someone who plays the bagpipes but doesn't

In the town of Aalborg in Denmark, the local police put an end to the suffering of passers-by when they asked a song-butcherer to stop his crimes against music, and an atrocious version of Wonderwall, a song originally by Oasis. For those of you who don't know the song in question… what rock have you been living under all your life? 

Here's the original:

The Danish police are quite the comedians

A report, issued on their website Nordjyllands Politi, called "TODAY IS GONNA BE THE DAY THAT THEY'RE GONNA THROW IT BACK TO YOU" (which goes to prove that in English, you can sing any old rubbish as long as it's melodic) explained that the busker was "playing loudly and badly. He certainly didn't sound like Liam Gallagher."

The punchline police

"A police patrol had a word with the singer and sent him back home to Ove. Just because you know how to play Wonderwall doesn't mean you should."

There's only one person who has managed to cover Wonderwall properly, adding a bluesy vibe to it. The cover is so good that Noel Gallagher now plays the song in the same style. Welcome Ryan Adams to the stage:


Some people who started out as buskers made it to fame and fortune

- Ed Sheeran, now known around the world, used to sleep in the London underground (or the tube as it's known there) and played small gigs in the evenings. His self-penned songs earned him quite a following, and the rest is history. Here he is doing a cover of the Ryan Adams cover of Wonderwall (Inception!):


- Tracy Chapman, singer-songwriter who was spotted doing her thing in the street, burst onto the public scene thanks to a surprise appearance at the concert for Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday and the Amnesty International concert in 1988, most notably with the song "Talkin' 'bout a revolution" which became a hit and put an end to her FML years.

- Rod Stewart, gravel-voiced multimillionaire international playboy, used to busk on the streets of London, travelled around Europe, ending up in Spain, and was then deported for sleeping rough.

- Beck, multi-instrumentalist, scientologist and all-round cool dude since his first hit, 'Loser,' started out busking the streets, imitating his folk-rock idols.


Have a go!

You never know, go out in the street with your guitar or grand piano and see if people appreciate your talent. It's always a better idea than going onto some terrible TV show like The X Factor and having your dreams crushed by people who have a very narrow perception of what music should sound like. Go for it!

By Noel and Liam / Thursday 24 August 2017 16:16 / France
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