By "fuckfuckfuck3" - / Wednesday 20 February 2019 14:00 /
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By  maroongrad  |  13

YIKES! And, since he knocked her up, the chances of him using protection and using it correctly is pretty low. Add insult to injury. You both need to haul his ass to small claims court and make him pay for STD testing. And time off work to get the STD tests. And mileage on your car, gas, time spent on the phone, time getting prescriptions filled if needed, etc. It won't be a HUGE amount but it'll be a several hundred dollar slap from BOTH of you.
And if SHE is pregnant? He needs to pay half... Half of any and all time missed, half of the new bigger clothes she needs, half of the extra food, all of that.
You may not be able to get six years of life back or fix your broken heart, but you can leave him scrambling for money to pay bills for a month while you try to fix the damage if he gave you something, and make sure you are safe if he didn't.