The French Connection: 10 Sexy FMLs From The Sexiest Country On The Planet

Would you expect anything other than spicy FMLs from the birthplace of the French kiss? You might want to take off a layer because things are about to get hot up in here.

Sure, they've got that irresistable accent going for them, and yeah, they always look chic, and goddamn do they have that rebel without a cause thing going on with a cigarette hanging off their lips, but don't be fooled. They have their share of sexy slip-ups as much as the rest of us schmucks.

1. I'll just wait right here.


2. Feel the burn.

3. It's a two-part job.

4. "Just stay out of my rear view mirror, guys!"

5. She gives "horny" a whole new meaning.

6. Not ferret all.

7. Looks like our chances of multiplying are low.

8. He's also a meat pounding pro. 

9. You can't unsee that.

10. You've set a new record!

By Nina / Tuesday 11 July 2017 17:53 / France
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