The FML Quiz: Sibling Edition

Love them or hate them, we're stuck with them for life. See how many sibling-related FMLs you can figure out this week!

Growing up with siblings is ridiculous. Sometimes it feels like an 18-year prison sentence with an insane bunkmate, but other times it's like having a best friend / accomplice that you get to hang out with all the time. We hate each other, love each other, provoke each other, protect each other, rinse, and repeat. This quiz honors the terrible curse and sacred bond of siblinghood.

Instructions for n00bs:

Choose the best multiple-choice option to complete the FML. Scroll down for the answer key. Comment your results. Champs win swaggy bragging rights, but everyone gets a compliment from me (even if they do a terrible job) until the next quiz comes out a week later. Nothing but good vibes here, guys. Unless you have a sibling. Keep fighting the good fight, brothers and sisters.

Here we go!


1. Today, I woke up in the hospital after my sister saved me from "hanging" myself. In reality, my sister choked me because...

  1. I started dating her ex-boyfriend. FML

  2. my outfit was too similar to hers and I refused to change. FML

  3. I accidentally spilled water on her laptop. FML

  4. I ate her last chicken nugget. FML


2. Today, my brother "borrowed" my car and keys without asking me. He came back 4 hours later, alone and pale faced. It took half an hour of questions, interrogation, and finally threats before he admitted that...

  1. it was towed due to a parking violation. Neither of us has the $300 to get it back. FML

  2. my car is sitting in a ditch a few miles away, probably totaled. FML

  3. he lost it gambling with some known gang members downtown. FML

  4. he parked it in a bad neighborhood and it was broken into. They even took the wheels. FML


3. Today, my parents let me babysit my baby sister for the first time. About an hour after they left, I was carrying her downstairs and tripped. Try calling your parents from the hospital and explaining that their daughter, who can't even crawl yet, has a __________. FML

  1. "broken leg"

  2. "fractured skull"

  3. "broken arm"

  4. "broken ankle"


4. Today, I went drinking with my boyfriend and his sister in England. I'm from the US and they live here in the UK. This wouldn't be so bad if they didn't get drunk and...

  1. forget me in a bar on the other side of town. I have no idea where their flat is and my phone doesn't work here. FML

  2. talk shit about Americans and their politics for 4 hours. They did this yesterday and the day before too. This vacation sucks. FML

  3. lock me out of the house, in a foreign country at 2 a.m., where my phone doesn't work. FML

  4. get us all thrown out of the pub and arrested for vandalism. Who knew that a bar stool could be worth a 250£ fine? FML


5. Today, I fell off of the deck in my backyard, which wouldn't have been that bad if my drunk, idiot brother hadn't jumped off behind me yelling, "FINISH HIM!" while delivering a bone-crushing body slam. He is fine. I, however, am currently...

  1. nursing two broken ribs. Ouch. FML

  2. getting stitches for the gash left in my thigh by his keys. FML

  3. seeing visions of a giant crustacean from the paleolithic era. Thanks for the concussion, bro. FML

  4. getting a cast for a broken arm. FML


Last chance to change your answers! Scroll past the siblings to find out how you did!


tl;dr - DBACD










How did you guys do? Did you make it through without wanting to beat someone up?

My sibling and I used to really butt heads, but as we get older and grow further apart, we come to appreciate each other more and more. To all of you living with the frustrations of siblinghood, it'll work out in the end. Just remember that you are your own person, and whether or not you have your sibling's love and support as a kid and adult, growing up with a sibling is an incredibly valuable experience. And cause for therapy. And great material for your book!

I hope that, if you don't already, you learn to appreciate and support each other through life. (Lil shoutout: Happy graduation, homeslice! You so smart! I love you!)

To those of you without siblings, I got nothing. Your lives are alien to me.

As always, comment your score below and I'll show you love. Throw in a sibling anecdote of your own! Oh, and don't forget to suggest a theme for next week's quiz. I believe in you guys to make a good choice. The last two have been great fun for me!

See you next week!
-Cali ♥︎









By Cali / Wednesday 31 May 2017 16:15 / France
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By  mike3775  |  33

Yay I finally got a perfect score.

My sister did the last one to me when I was 10 and she was 13. We lied to our parents and said we were wrestling when I got my leg broken.