The FML Quiz: Nothing Edition

That's right... this week's theme is nothing. Take the quiz to see how little you know!

In all the comments on last week's quiz not a single one of you scoundrels suggested a theme! I couldn't just make a themeless quiz! Thus, I was left with nothing. Here we are.

Instructions for know-nothings:

Choose the best multiple-choice option to complete the FML. Scroll down for the answer key. Comment your results. Champs win bragging rights, but everyone gets a compliment from me (even if they do nothing right) until the next quiz comes out a week later. Nothing but good vibes here, guys. Nothing at all.

Good. Let's begin.

1. Today, I was working in a restaurant. On the receipt under "tip" someone actually took the time to write out...

  1. "You get NOTHING." FML

  2. "$0.00." FML

  3. "tree fiddy." FML

  4. "Here's a tip: listen better." FML


2. Today, I was holding my son and smelled poop so I checked his diaper, but there was nothing there. Then I realized...

  1. he'd vomited all over my shirt. FML

  2. he was a giant crustacean from the paleolithic era. FML

  3. I'd left our dinner burning in the kitchen. FML

  4. it was my breath. FML


3. Today, I walked too close to a first-aid kit sticking out of a wall at work, and it cut my arm. Laughing at the irony, I opened it to get a band aid out...

  1. It was empty. FML

  2. I cut my hand. FML

  3. It fell off the wall and cut my foot. FML

  4. It had nothing but tape inside. FML


4. Today, I was emptying a bag of grass from my lawn mower when I saw pieces of what used to be...

  1. our son's expensive graduation headshot. FML

  2. my grandmother's secret chili recipe. FML

  3. a 50 dollar bill. FML

  4. my prescription. My doctor just left town for vacation. FML


5. Today, my doorbell rang while I was still in bed. I leapt out and immediately got a severe cramp in one leg, then, staggering around trying to throw some clothes on, I scraped the other leg badly enough to draw blood. When I got to the door there was nobody there, just...

  1. a flaming bag of shit. FML

  2. a parcel on the doorstep. FML

  3. a political flyer. FML

  4. an empty doormat. FML

Final answers? Sure sure? Scroll past nothing to check the key...

tl;dr - BDACB












How did it go? Do you feel guilty about nothing?

Because you totes should.

As always, comment your score below and I'll show you love... and don't forget to SUGGEST A THEME FOR NEXT WEEK. I can't do nothing two weeks in a row.

I believe in you guys. You're engaging and creative and weird enough to spend your time taking FML quizzes. If anyone can think of a funny theme, it's you lot. Make me proud! Or something.

That's it for today!

See you never.
(but actually next Wednesday!)
-Cali ♥︎




By Cali / Wednesday 7 June 2017 17:54 /
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  Cali  |  54

Ooh interesting theme... That one would take some work (and explanation) but I'll add it to the list. Nice score, btw!