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"I don't love you anymore, but I can give you hate instead if you like" this, is a situation that can go both ways. First, your most beloved one has just miserably dumped you via text message on your birthday, love becomes sadness, then inevitably ha...
By FML Team / Friday 23 October 2009 17:41 /

"I don't love you anymore, but I can give you hate instead if you like" this, is a situation that can go both ways. First, your most beloved one has just miserably dumped you via text message on your birthday, love becomes sadness, then inevitably hate, even if it takes one little minute or one big decade, hate goes with your break-up. Secondly, your partner is nothing but a drag, and even if it's only been two days that you've been trying to contact him or her, you keep getting the answering machine, so a text is the obvious solution. And then, even if it only takes a minute, or a decade, your ex starts to hate you, and congratulations, you're now the bad guy. Yes, break-up are way to rough to handle, who could possibly have invented something like that? We personally think it's the Pussycat Dolls, so they can sing sad sad stories about break-ups, and while they “hate this part right here”, we hate this song right here. GG. Let's go back to break-ups and what they make us do, and to talk, and laugh, about it, Tystarr, our artist for the day honors us all by his presence!


is 20; he lives in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. He is an independent graphic designer, meaning that he lives in front, with and for a computer. We love Tystarr’s way of thinking, when we ask him why he's working as a graphic designer, his response his simple: he loves crafting imagery that you don't see everyday. “It's a cool thing when you can have other people see what originally existed only in your mind. I have some big plans for the future. There is this vault of characters I can't wait to release and my hope for them is to be as popular and mainstream as Superman, Mickey Mouse and The Simpsons. They're not just household names, but pop icons that are a part of our culture. My life goal is to go down in history as someone who not only contributed yet helped shaped this rich culture of colorful characters.

Today's artist’s story is not a common one, as living in the gritty ghetto projects of Brooklyn is kind of rough. His mom passed when he was young, his father skipped town and started a new family when he was just a kid, his grandfather passed away a couple of years ago because due to cancer and his uncle, who took care of him after his grandfather, passed away soon after. He even grew up without knowing he had an older brother until he was 13. With this kind of environment, his escape has always been cartoons and comics. Ever since he was little, watching Looney Tunes with his grandfather, he wanted to recreate the magic he saw on screen and in the "Sunday funnies" in his local newspapers.  That interest sparked a flame that engulfed him into the comic book world and look at him now, being featured on Fmylife… Oh, and did we mention he also got shot on his own block?

His website was created in 2004, as an excuse to draw and vent out some of his frustrations at the world through art (plus he could practice his art and if it came out not-so-good, his excuse would be, "it's just a little comic, nothing serious"). Another reason is that Tystarr wanted to entertain the world through doing illustrations. Reading is cool but everyone gravitates to pictures a lot more nowadays. Besides his web comic, 'Twisted Comix' he owns a graphic design business called 'Tystarr Productions'. It’s a one-man show featuring Tystarr handling web designs, logo designs and album covers for underground music artists. He also works on a teen magazine, as a designer, for ‘Lipglossmagazine’, which is going into print next year, so girls keep an eye out for it!


Now here are the last questions: why did our host choose this FML and why did he decide to send an illustration?
“I asked to do an illustrated Fmylife months ago and never chose one. I asked again and surprisingly they still wanted me to draw one out so I took a peek at the homepage and saw this sad story about a girl throwing her boyfriend's necklace out the window but the twist was that the necklace belonged to his deceased grandmother. That was so wrong and funny to me that I just had to do it and because I had to pick one...quick! And why wouldn't I? This site is genius and original I'm totally excited to even be a part of this!  Hope you liked it because a lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into this, not to mention time!"



We do like it Ty' ! Great job!

Twisted Comix is this way: http://www.twistedcomix.com/
While Lipgloss Magazine is here: http://www.lipglossmagazine.com/


Far away from bad Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn bad movie, have you heard Adam Lambert’s miracle song? Yes/No? In any case, if you want to be next published artist send an email to [email protected] which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with Alice, our cute resident witch, who will tell you what you have to do!

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By  TheBigDawg  |  8

The anime-esque style and Ebonics writing are bad. I lived in a mostly-black area and *nobody* talked like that and he should feel bad for adhering to a stereotype. This comment will be removed by the mods because we're not allowed to voice our opinions on this site.

By  TheBigDawg  |  8

The anime-esque style and Ebonics writing are bad. I lived in a mostly-black area and *nobody* talked like that and he should feel bad for adhering to a stereotype. This comment will be removed by the mods because we're not allowed to voice our opinions on this site.

  TheBigDawg  |  8

How would spelling things wrong imply the speaker is "a bit of a twit"? That makes no sense. But speaking of spelling/grammatical/punctuation errors outside of speech patterns ("I don't want to see you no more"), he forgot apostrophes where they were needed except in maybe two places, and ellipses have three dots, not two.

By  MistressSly  |  0

#2This site to me seems strictly FOR personal opinion.As far as racial stereotyping, "ebonics" or any form of slang for that matter is used for expression not neccessarily a "racial" attribute. In these particular peices of art it enhances the heart and ideals of the character shown,not wholly the background.

By  jts2  |  3

I found the way that he chose to show the grandmother's death distasteful-- We weren't given a cause of death, and out of them all he had choose a touchy one.. suicide?

By  purple91  |  8

I noticed a spelling mistake in the first paragraph. Maybe the people who write for fml are just twits? Judging from some of the content that gets put up lately, I'd say it's a good guess.

By  CherryPie036  |  2

Just like my boyfriend madeout with my best friend. I tried to commit sucide for him. THEY WOULD'NT LET ME INSTEAD THEY GAVE ME SHOCK THERAPY..... it didn't work.

By  mpwilke  |  2

(This is a journal entry I wrote today). Today it's my birthday. My current boyfriend broke up with a day go. What started out with a beginning, a birthday, ended at the same time only 2 years ago. I've stopped writing when I met Ryan. Maybe it was the fact that things just seemed easier and so much better. I wrote before mainly to reflect on my problems and after that I really didn't need a diary. I had Ryan, and although my life wasn't completely problem free, my life seemed easier and I was happier than I had ever been in a very long time. There was no need for entries anymore. He impacted my life so much, and it feels like a part of me is dying and my life is missing without him. It's only now, when it is too late, and things cannot be undone that I recognize now how much he meant to me and how much I still love him. I'm sure he'll make someone very happy one day. I feel like I've lost a true friend, my very best friend at that. I wish I still had in my life. Anyone would be lucky to have him, and I really wish that person could have been me. At some point we both even wished we could spend the rest of our lives together, but yet at the same time I understand that some wishes even made at 11:11 over a phone call 100's of miles away may not come true. The thing is I still want to be with him, laugh with him, kiss his lips, and have him to tell my secrets to. The thought of him with someone else kills me to my very core. I've never felt this way with anyone before, nor will I think I will ever again. It just feels like this is the wrong ending to the story that began 2 years ago on that October night when we first met, and he called me that first week. After that week, I knew he was probably one of the most interesting, thoughtful guys who like me, shared my opinions and was open and fresh in the most optimistic way I had ever seen. I thought I had met the guy that I thought had never existed, until now that is. He was the one I wanted to marry and have children with one day. And now I'm left with nothing, but a book to remind me of what was valuable and what I had and still love, something that I don't think will ever really die out of my soul. But everything I feel now, I feel like it is too late. I wish I could have said these things when I had the chance to let him know how I really felt, and show him that I was really there for him. But on the bright side, I know that deep down our lives crossed for some very important reason, and I am lucky to have met and had had someone so special enter my life. He means more than anything, and if I have to lose him to find that out, I guess I deserve it, and I really do wish him the best in everything that he does, even if that means its not with me. Since knowing him, I have grown and matured and I have come to learn to love someone and have them love me back. I think that is the most important thing that when i look back and can remember what I have learned. I will always love him, and that is all that I know. And now, all I have to rely on is a sudden twist of fate, that I might see him again, and my only greatest fear now is, I'll wake up and see him with someone else, married, with children, living the life I was supposed to, the life that I thought would I would have, where I would wake up to the husband I love, and be able to kiss him, and then tuck in the children we would have. And our children would have the prettiest blue eyes anyone had ever seen. And right now all I can do is wish and pray that this isn't it, nor the end. He was supposed to visit me this weekend, but canceled his flight.

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